Using the Focus Keyphrase to Analyze Your Content

All in One SEO provides a way to help you focus your writing on the topics you want to rank for.

This feature is called our TruSEO Score and Page Analysis and you’ll see it on the Edit screen when you create or edit content.

Focus Keyphrase and Page Analysis on Edit Post screen

Where to Use the Focus Keyphrase Feature

This feature is especially helpful when writing blog Posts where you may write about a primary subject (Focus Keyphrase) as well as secondary terms (Additional Keyphrases).

It’s not as useful for Pages of your site which may have multiple focuses for this content, or where the content is generic such as a Contact Us page.

Using the Focus Keyphrase feature

To get a TruSEO Score and Page Analysis results, start by entering the primary subject you’re writing about in the Focus Keyphrase field and click the Add Focus Keyphrase button.

Next, you can optionally add any secondary terms in the Additional Keyphrases field and click the Add Additional Keyphrases button.

You will see a TruSEO Score displayed next to each keyphrase and in the top right corner of the screen, as well as on the All Posts / All Pages screen.

You will also see our recommendations for improving your on-page SEO beneath each keyphrase and in the Page Analysis section. You can find our article on the list of recommendations here.

Each recommendation has a drop down that you can click to show more details.

Remember, your goal is not to get a score of 100 on every post. Your goal is to write the best content you can for your specific audience.

Interested in getting keyphrase recommendations? Check out our article on using our Semrush integration to get suggestions for related keyphrases.

This feature is new in All in One SEO v4.0.