You can either build a WordPress landing page yourself using a customized page template or by installing a specialized landing page builder plugin.

How to Build a Landing Page in WordPress

You can either build a WordPress landing page yourself using a customized page template or by installing a specialized landing page builder plugin.

What a lot of people don’t know is that you can build great landing pages for your WordPress site without having to break the bank by hiring services from lead generation and marketing companies.

You can even create a landing page yourself in less than 10 minutes. We’ll show you how.

First things first, let’s cover the basics of landing pages.

Why Should I Build a Landing Page?

Because they convert. A landing page is essentially the entry point to your site. A great landing page will grab a visitor’s attention and persuade them to take a desired action: perhaps you want them to sign up for your email list, download a brochure, buy a product, etc. Whatever the goal, a good landing page is always focused towards that goal.

Just to make sure that you understand, let’s look at the difference between a landing page and the homepage of a site: a landing page is focused on a specific goal or objective while your main homepage has a broad objective. The aim of a landing page is to take your visitors through a specific marketing journey while the main homepage allows visitors to decide on their own journey through your site.

Anyone can tell you that you don’t really need a landing page to get a visitor to take a specific action. You can actually make them take the desired action on your homepage.

BUT, with a good landing page you will achieve a higher conversion rate because it is very specific in its goal. A homepage has a lot of information and elements that may distract a user from taking the desired action.

So, are you ready to build one? Here are several ways to build landing pages in WordPress.

Building a Custom Page

Building a custom page within WordPress is the old-fashioned approach. You would simply just build a custom page template on any theme you have; and do whatever you need to in the template.

The easiest way to build a custom page template in WordPress is to copy the default page PHP template and edit CSS and HTML components to get the desired design or structure.

Using Plugins to Build Landing Pages

Plugins are the best way to go if you do not want to worry about dealing with code.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many free landing page builder plugins out there. And the few free ones often have in-plugin purchases or limited features. There is, however, one free plugin that has all the features you need to build a functional landing page in WordPress. It’s among the top landing page plugins (see below).

WordPress Landing Pages

WordPress Landing Pages is an easy-to-use plugin that has all the basic features you need to build a functional landing page. It has a fair selection of templates, allows you to split test (a/b testing) your landing pages, as well as to track and measure conversions.

The WordPress Landing Pages plugin is fully integrated in the Theme Builder and allows you to quickly customize any elements you like.

All in all, it is a good option if you are on a budget and don’t want to invest in a more functional landing page plugin at the moment.

Thrive Landing Pages

Thrive Landing Pages has a drag & drop editor that makes it extremely easy to create and edit landing pages. It comes with over 140 templates (some themed) for you to choose from. The great thing about the plugin is that the landing pages are combined in sets to provide a consistent user experience. That means that the opt-in page, “thank you” page and confirmation pages in a particular set have the same feel and don’t provide random experiences.


Leadpages is actually an online landing page builder – we’ll be addressing it more thoroughly down below – with a plugin for WordPress. It has a centralized editor and your landing pages are hosted on Leadpages servers. The best thing about Leadpages is that you can easily and quickly create or publish a landing page. All you need to do is choose a template, customize it (through the drag & drop page builder) and add it to your site.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is simply a drag & drop page theme builder (another option covered below) that also comes as a plugin. You can easily and quickly create custom layouts and designs – you have around 30 landing pages to choose from.

You can try out the Beaver Builder plugin for yourself at

The great thing about Beaver Builder is that you can use your WordPress widgets to add more functionality and bring elements in from your site to your landing pages.


You’ve probably heard of OptimizePress before – it has been one of the most popular plugins to build landing pages for quite some time. That’s because it offers a wide range of templates and a powerful drag & drop editor to quickly create the landing page you need. Note: the size of the plugin is quite large (29MB).

Theme Builders

As we mentioned earlier, most WordPress themes are quite restrictive when it comes to design and structure. For example, you can customize the primary content block of a page in most themes but you cannot amend the design of anything outside the block. So, if you aim to create a landing page from a theme page template, you would just end up with a new page with the same design as your website – the opposite of a landing page. Unless you build a custom page template (mentioned earlier) or use advanced theme builders.

What advanced theme builders offer are drag and drop builders. They essentially enable you to customize every and any design aspect of any page. The interface is also very easy to use.
There are plenty of great drag & drop theme builders available. A few off the top of my head: Divi, Total, Beaver Builder (its plugin version is recommended above) and Strata.

If you need a variety of landing page templates, it is highly recommended you use this method instead of creating custom theme templates. It will save you time and make your work much easier.


Leadpages is known for creating stunning and functional landing pages. It offers dozens of integrations to help make your WordPress landing page user friendly and attractive. The downside is that it isn’t free: plans start at $36.99 per month.

Leadpages has more than a hundred of templates to choose from that can be added to your site within minutes.

What you get is 144+ well-designed templates, a simple editor that enables you to create and publish a stunning landing page in 10 minutes or less and the ability to split test your landing pages.

It’s not a stretch to say that Leadpages is the most popular landing page option. It is actually hard to find a popular blog online that doesn’t use it. Two of the many reasons for it’s popularity is that you do not need to be a designer to use it and all their templates have been tested as effective and high converting templates.

The price may be worth it to you if you want to save time, as the platform is incredibly easy to use.

Wrapping Up

Although WordPress may not be designed to handle landing pages, you can easily create one using either the old-fashioned method of building a custom page template or by using a plugin. Above we mentioned some of the best plugins you can use to build highly functional and attractive landing pages, developer or not.

Choose the method that works best for your business and start collecting, cultivating and converting leads!

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38 comments on “How to Build a Landing Page in WordPress

    1. There are so tricky thing here not knowing the difference between a landing page and home page. I hope someone will try to explain into simple terms.

  1. This post is useful! I understand how important landing pages are and just exploring how to make some for me. I will first try WordPress Landing Pages add after that, maybe. It seems that they are powerful enough and worth to try it and can do the job. In any case, thanks for this information. Good luck!

  2. I’m a little fuzzy on the use of a landing page in terms of how it would show up in a Google…I sell real estate in Santa Monica but won’t to show up if someone is searching in Culver City…I have a “Neigborhood page for Culver City…is this not a Landing page?

    1. Landing pages are smart for marketing locally… you optimize them to only show up when certain keywords are queried. Where they really turn into gold is when you do what most marketers and companies are doing today – use them as the point of landing from ads, whether that’s FB ads or search engine ads. (google/bing/yahoo).

      I personally know the ad method is best because you’re investing money for leads that jump ahead of SEO every day of the week. Also, landing pages are awesome because you remove the actions you DON’T want your reader to take away from them, i.e. – remove pages from the upper menu (if there is one at all), only have one call to action, etc.

      Ads to landing pages is one of the most profitable marketing strategy out there. So much better than SEO in my opinion (but SEO is not to be left out either).

  3. Well this vague post seems much more like pitch for leadpages than a “how to make a landing page” post. There’s a half-effort paragraph about “building” a page and then writer dives headfirst into descriptions of all the budget-draining plugins which are completely unnecessary. I thought I was going to learn something about landing pages here. What are the must-haves? How do you get your domain to point to this custom page instead of your home page? Maybe some exampled of brands doing landing pages the most effectively on their pages. All I got here was “you can do it yourself, but spend 40 bucks a month on this plugin”

    1. I agree, I was looking forward to an explanation of what a landing page is, why it is different from a homepage, what you use it for and how can you make it similar to your theme, in order to maintain continuity.

  4. Nice tutorial. I’ve been looking for a good plugin that would allow me to build decent landing pages with wordpress.

  5. Thank you for the information. I do have a landing page, but just installed Landing Pages which I need to review.

  6. No mention of Elementor? This plugin will help you build great pages for your blog or landing pages, I’m totally converted. There seems to be a misunderstanding in the comments, as I see it at least. A landing page is the opposite of a blog page, it has just one purpose , usually to sell an item or to sign up prospective clients on a list. SEO doesn’t really figure, I send ad clicks to my landing pages. So Jons comment “How do you get your domain to point to this custom page instead of your home page? ” I would say… you don’t! Build your blog pages using SEO techniques, build your landing pages to build your list or sell something… JUST ONE THING so there is no ambiguity .
    Your blog pages have menus , sign up forms , adverts, sidebars and footers with widgets – your blog reader needs to find their way around and see your ads, but when they land on a Landing page it must have NO distractions ( menus, ads…. etc ) it should be OBVIOUS what is required, give your prospects a clear instruction such as “Click Here to sign up and get my newsletter” or “enter your name Here”.
    I find Elementor has everything I need, especially when you use shortcodes as well, for their functionality. You can prevent the sidebars and footer showing up on a Landing page in the normal wp page editor first, ( depends on the theme used) then build a great looking Landing page ( long sales letter or video sales letter …. etc ) using drag and drop. Elementor is free and you can learn to use in a day easily. To learn how to design good Landing Pages is simple find one that is working well at the top end in your niche and model yours the same way, but don’t copy it of course! Don’t spend your money on fancy tools with monthly costs, do a bit of research instead and find whats working now.

    1. Andrew that was a great follow-up and you answered a lot of the above questions and helped most people from being a bit confused.
      I know Jon says the article didn’t tell you how to “build” the landing page, but there is really nothing to build. You just need to have that “WOW” page to guide your audience to where you want them to go. Like Andrew said, “…focus on one thing” …get this discount, limited time or … sign up here… etc. The plugin does the foundation of the building, you just need to add your industry specifics. The article is giving you great plugins because that’s how you build a landing page.
      I hope that helped.

    2. Amen Andrew… It seems there is quite a bit of confusion about what is a landing page. One action, one thing for your customer to do, that is what a landing page is built for.

  7. Arnaud: Great post with a shortlist of viable plugins. Your inclusion of the fact that Thrive’s product allows for a set of pages, or funnel, to have the same look and feel versus random experiences was most helpful.

  8. Helpful post. I’m much clearer on what a landing page is, as distinct from a custom page. Arnaud has hit the nail on the head. I like a shortlist of viable plugins much better than a huge list. Like the sound of Thrive.

  9. Does Elementor do landing pages? I have been using them for my page and post building with great success but I can’t seem to find a landing page tool within it, is it because they don’t have one or is it just tucked in a dark corner of the plug-in?

  10. Nice information here, I will give it a try with the “WordPress Landing Page” and the “Elementor” thanks you, it’s quite informative.

  11. Solid roundup however, one thing I find that these dedicated landing pages plugin reviews don’t actually cover is the heavy code bloat, which leads to prolonged load times. You know how google hates, page load times that are longer then 2 seconds. Perhaps do another review covering this very important aspect.

  12. I like your simplicity of your language that helps me to understand the topic very quickly. And also I started using this plugin to create the landing page for business purposes. 🙂

  13. Thank you for an excellent blog. Where else one can find such an informative content? I really appreciate your efforts and great knowledge. Looking forward to some more interesting blogs from you!

  14. I don’t understand how to do it by reading because I’m not expert, watching the tutorial is better for me, I just love WordPress.

  15. Wow, that is very wonderful plugin for building a nice WordPress landing page, I hope it helps anyone to build a nice page by using this plugin.