Affiliate Links in the Links Report in Link Assistant

The Links Report in Link Assistant is where you’ll find a list of all links on your site, as well as link suggestions from All in One SEO Pro.

Here we’re going to look at the Affiliate Links feature in the Links Report.

To get started, click on Link Assistant in the All in One SEO menu and then click on the Links Report tab.

Link Assistant shown in the All in One SEO menu

The Links Report shows a table of your content with columns for Post TitlePublish DateInternal LinksAffiliate LinksExternal Links, and Link Suggestions.

Links Report tab in Link Assistant

Within the Links Report table, you can click on the arrow to the right of each post to expand that post and see details of the Internal LinksAffiliate LinksExternal Links, and Link Suggestions.

Expanded section showing details in Links Report

Affiliate links are links from this post to other websites on the Internet that use your affiliate link format.

You can set which affiliate links to scan for by clicking on the Settings tab and entering the format in the Affiliate Link Prefix field.

Settings screen in Link Assistant showing the Affiliate Link Prefix field

You can enter multiple formats and these can be in either format shown below:

  • /refer/

Link Assistant will look for links that match these formats and list them on the Affiliate tab for the post.

Affiliate tab in the Links Report

The Affiliate links table shows the Phrase that contains the link. Click the link in the phrase to open that site.

You can click on the delete icon to the right of each row to delete that link. This will only remove the link itself, it doesn’t delete the text.

You can also click Delete All Affiliate Links to delete all outbound affiliate links from this post.

There’s a Refresh button that will scan this post again and refresh the content in all tabs.

Further Reading

You can find more information and articles about Link Assistant here.

This feature was introduced in All in One SEO Pro version 4.1.6.