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I’m a professional SEO and used many tools and extensions. Regarding simplicity, individuality and configurability All in One SEO Pro is by far the best SEO plugin out there for WordPress.”

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Joel Steinmann

Prefer this one in stead of Yoast. Excellent, easy configurable and easy to use/adjust. Works for me!


Works for me!. Works for me! Easy and functional


Had no plan of even considering it!. This plug-in came with the purchase of my new theme and when we finished the website it was time to write our first blog. I was impressed while!!! while writing the blog I kept noticing these notices on the sideline and I decided to see what it was that they wanted to assist with. not only did it help me write a well-written blog but it also helped me choose a great title . 5 stars and going premium!


One of the best. This is one of the best SEO wordpress solutions. Thanks!


Dependable, full featured SEO. Ive been a WordPress professional for 16 years and a web developer for 25. All in One SEO has been one of my go-to plugins for dozens of websites. I currently work with a local SEO agency and we use this plugin for business critical work. Even the basic version is full of features. Support is also outstanding.

Chuck Munson

Great plugin. Works better than Yoast. The plugin is great and easy to use. I think its easier to use than Yoast and more effective. Ive gotten more clients than ever directly from Google Search.


Perfect Turn Key Solution. All in one SEO is the best SEO solution I have found for useability for clients who would like to run their own search engine optimization campaigns. I have used it for years and still use it as a wordpress developer and seo specialist in combination with other techniques, not to be discussed but implemented 🙂

April Ann Francis

Great Resource. Very intuitive. Very responsive support. I use it on all my sites.

Glenn Ansley

Excellent!. Wow! This plug-in solves a myriad of problems with getting a website optimized. A must have!


I love it!. I didnt think that I would enjoy using seo plugins. I always thought this was not something good to do with a site, but lately your plugin helped me a lot!


Does Everything You Need. Have used the plugin on various projects and it does everything you need from the basics down to more advanced stuff. Its one of the first plugins you need to install on your website.


Best SEO Plugin for WordPress. We continue to use All in One SEO Pack on all our WordPress sites and Clients sites, and we recommend it too all other clients.


What can I say?. This plugin rocks! It torpedoes Yoast right out of the water. Many useful settings and the documentation on the authors website is clear and very helpful. This is the SEO plugin youve been looking for.


Awesome plugin. A must use on every install tool, IMO. Ive been using AIOSEO since I built my very first site 9 years-ish ago. It does what it needs to very well. I appreciate the addons that have been implemented as WordPress has grown. Thanks! Youre rockin it!


Breaks site from time to time. This plugin is a great tool that saves a lot of time for a blogger. The support has been outstanding as well. The All In One SEO team provided some help for issues not directly related to the plugin. Above and beyond for sure.


Amazing plugin and equally amazing staff. Ive been using AIOSEO for several years, for both my current biz as well as my former. Ive never actually had to contact them because frankly, it works so you just dont need to.


Quick setup, easy to use. I like AIO because its fast to setup and its interface helps to avoid misconfigurations. No frills, easy to have everything under control.


Easy, Efficient and Effective. This was one of the first SEO plugins I ever used and it is the one I keep coming back too. It is easy to use and set up. And it has lots of settings (for those who want to tinker a bit). But the default settings work just fine.


Very User Friendly. I like this plug-in because it is very user friendly and the developers offer great support.


Great Plugin and best Support ever!. Im using the Plugin for more than a year now and Im so lucky I switched to it. The Plugin works great and the support is just awesome. Big THANK YOU to the developers.


Excellent plugin. Probably the best for your SEO. Its not as bloated as others, does all you need really.


Best SEO plugin. Amazing support.. This is our go-to SEO plugin for all of our installs and weve tried all the major ones. Weve never had a problem installing, migrating or using this plugin. No conflicts with anything in our site whatsoever. Every feature it has works and works well. Both Google and Bing love the XML Sitemaps it generates. While we use additional plugins to add tags, If I had to install just one SEO plugin, All In One SEO Pack is it.


Yup ! it works for me. No words are enough to thank you. I am using this plugin since just a month & start to getting indexed in google. Simply awesome and newbie friendly. Before using this plugin I have installed some other plugin, but within 3 months my SEO is just there where it was on the day of starting my site. This plugin took my site completely to a new level in the world of SEO.


Great customer support. Ive only had to contact the folks at All in One a couple of times, but each time they have responded promptly and with helpfulness. The plugin is simple to use and the documentation (a lot of it!) easy for a non-tech person like me to follow. I sure recommend them.


Still the best SEO plugin out there. No bloat, no distractions, just simple to use SEO functionality. Did I mention it super user friendly?

Greg Schueler

I love this plug in. VERY effective. Because of this plug in I was able to get my clients site to the top of the search engine. Thank you!

Four Legged Bagel

Great Plugin Overall. Ive been using All in One SEO plugin since the very start of my website and have been pleased with it overall. On any rare occasion when any issues arise, the plugin author is always motivated to get it resolved in a very speedy manner. To sum it up, GREAT plugin, GREAT support. Give it a try if youre looking for a plugin of this type.


Easy to Use and Comprehensive. Great plugin. I was able to get things configured in about a minute! Will be upgrading to Pro!


Great SEO plugin with WooCommerce!. My favourite SEO plugin, especially when working with WooCommerce! Support is also quick to respond.


Awesome, all around. Ive worked with other SEO plugins and just everything about this one clicks with me. Feature rich and continuously updated, intuitive UI including helpful tooltip explanations, and most importantly, it just works extremely well. In addition, the support is second to none. Responsive, helpful, and really understanding. Just awesome, all around. Thanks so much, guys.


Great plug in and support. I had a minor issue with the plug in not working due to a conflict with another on a new site design so let the guys know about this. Within 2 days they had it sorted and had an update released. Brilliant response, team and customer service.


Amazing support!!. Big shout out to the team here for addressing my known issue and optimizing my server. Incredible support. Really fast help and knowledgeable people behind this plugin!


Good, does the Job !. it works fine, can tweak sitemap what is very good, its clear and good explaination of the things you can set in ALL in Onse Seo. Support is very hepful.and they dont spam their product all the time everywhere like some plugins will do all the time

Haydrion Rayel

Excellent support!. Fast and professional response! I googled for ages and couldnt find a solution for my problem, emailed them and they solved my problem with just two emails. Perfect! Thanks a lot!


Great plugin, great support. As they say in London, All In One SEO does what it says on the tin. SEO setup is easy and effective. The plugin solved a problem I had with getting the correct images to show up on pages shared to Facebook, and did it in minutes.


Incredible Plugin Support. Great plugin and top notch support! Steve quickly and professionally addressed my support ticket correctly associating my issue with a server configuration error. He provided guidance on fixing the issue and had the problem resolved within minutes. Incredible support!


Awesome plugin for SEOa must have for any WordPress site.. If you want help ranking your websites then this is definitely the SEO plugin that you need for your WordPress siteseasy to install and setupHIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Best SEO plugin. Even the FREE version of All In One SEO is better than most of the payable versions of other plugins out there. It is by far the best plugin and more over, with best customer support.


Excellent Plugin, No Conflicts, Fast Support. I use AIOSEO for all of my web development clients. When I used that other SEO plugin I would not only get conflicts, but it had problems updating. Also, AIOSEO offers more in-depth features in the free version, which I appreciate.

Jennifer Moss

The best SEO plugin. All in One SEO Pack is the best SEO Plugin. I personally find it better than Yoast. This plugin offers so much freedom in configuration.


The only SEO plugin I use since 10 year. If you want to be found, All in One SEO Pack is a must!


The Best and Easiest Seo Plugin. SEO fuels the internet search world, so an SEO plugin is a necessity. I started out with All In One SEO Pack several years ago, left the nest and tried too many of the new additions to the market, only to find out All In One is the 1)simplest to configure and use 2)Produces the Best Results 3)Has support that no one else can match. The plugin is always kept up to date so you never need to worry if youre missing anything. All of that and more makes it by far the best and easiest SEO plugin to use for real results.


Great plugin & support. Plugin that does the job, very responsive, efficient and friendly support: I recommend it!


Wonderful Plugin. Our Agency has used AIOSEO Pro since 2013. Not only does it do a terrific job for our obvious SEO needs, but it also helps us to fine tune other needs for the site. For instance, helping to edit OG Tags for Social Media Posts so that they layout correctly or managing sitemap.xml files. This one plugin takes the place of many other plugins. Its a wonderfully well-built tool with 1000s of options.


Great plugin and excellent service!. This plugin works great! Their help is amazing with very quick and detailed responses. Well worth the Pro upgrade to know we have that kind of support.

racer x

Full featured, no bloat SEO Plugin. Ive used the plugin for years and have been very satisfied. Easy to use and the team provides great support and listens to feedback for updates and additional features.

Ray Mitchell

This is my go-to SEO plugin!. I love All in one seo plugin. One of the best features of this plugin is that you can quickly edit the titles of the pages / posts on the list page without having to go into each post! Crazy smart! Yoast doesnt do this!

Jason Noel

Nice SEO Plugin. Thanks to the developers for making such a great plugin that serves a very important role for WordPress websites. I highly recommend this plugin if you want a simple, clean and effective SEO tool for your website. The support is really great too :-).


Does everything Id need. Compared to other SEO plugins, I found this one to be most compatible with my website. Especially considering my site isnt in English. This plugin helped it to appear neat on search results.


Great, Easy to Use, Effective for SEO. The plugin is great and easy to use. But whats even better is the tech support team. Theyre knowledgeable about SEO and super helpful.