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I’m a professional SEO and used many tools and extensions. Regarding simplicity, individuality and configurability All in One SEO Pro is by far the best SEO plugin out there for WordPress.”

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Joel Steinmann

Nice plugin. It does what you expect from this kind of plugin


Very good plug. Easy to use and efficient.


Straightforward and simple. I am entirely delighted.


Great SEO Plug in. it works great and i love it


Very User Friendly. The AIOSEO plugin is really great. Very helpful, easy to use and understand


Plug In Works Great!. I love how easy it is to view my stats.


Great plugin!. Easy to use. The optimization tools/features really help improve search engine visibility.


Works Great!. Works great!


Makes SSO Easy. Love how simple this plug in is to use!

Jeff Adams

Really easy to work with. Switched from Yoast to All in One a couple of months ago, still enjoy it!

Franky W

Thanks for a great plugin!. This is so convenient, thanks!

Sherab Weig

Love it. Love the All in One SEO plugin! Easy to use and helps me optimize my content for SEO. Highly recommend!


Great plugin. I dont know much about SEO but with this plugin it has helped me in so many ways. Thank you guys.


usefel plugin. it has been really helpful, it fulfils its purpose.


So good for be free. Thanks for this tool our SEO is good


Great plugin and service support. Was deliberating between a few SEO pro plugins. Just really glad i chose AIOSEO. It was not only a useful and powerful SEO tool but the service support is always there will clear guides and instructions. This is what i think makes the diff for me. shoutout to Prab and team: thanks!!!


All in One SEO is a Time Saver. I appreciate the guidance in ensuring the site and pages that I am building are going to perform. All in One SEO is a time saver and a great reporting tool that I use not only for my site as well as for clients.


Great tool. So far is helping me to write optimize blog post


It works!. The most important thing: It works without any problems.


Great Plugin. very happy with this plugin!


I like it because its quite easy to use. Im new to SEO and I like this extension which is quite easy to use. The free version seems sufficient to me to start with a showcase site.


Great product... Great plugin and support.


Great Plugin. This is a great plug in for SEO


Works really well for client. My client has a site with a lot of content and this allows my client to design phrases and apply SEO to each page in a systematic manner. We are still monitoring SEO results, already there is some improvement against the SEO software we were previously using.


Great plugin. AIOSEO took my clients website from nowhere to the top of Google search results. Excellent plugin, even the free version. Thank you AIOSEO!


I love this Plugin.. I love this Plugin.


Great Plugin. Great SEO plugin


Awesome Sauce!. Extremely helpful for all your SEO needs!


Great Plugin. Great SEO plugin !!


Great SEO plugin!. SEO Allin One plugin for WordPress is an amazing tool that can help anyone from beginners to experts to optimize their websites content and improve their search engine rankings. With its user-friendly interface and wide range of features, such as meta tag optimization, XML sitemap creation, and social media integration, it makes the process of improving your websites SEO both simple and effective.


easy to understand. Hi, im new in making any website, and i like the SEO tool. It helps me to reflect on the pages and make them better and improve the odds of people finding the content and website online. It did not really take me long to get it, so for people with some experience it will be even more easy.


AISEO is my go-to plugin. I have been creating websites for customers that do not have any experience with SEO or the backend in general. AISEO makes it very easy for them to go step by step and increase their page rank and visibility. The free version is very robust, but the paid version has some great additional tools and they yearly fee is very manageable.


best plugin. Best plugin and work well. Thanks


great plugin/service. great plugin/service


It does the job!. So far so good. Been using it for years with no issues.


Very good plugin. All in One SEO plugin does a good job


Makes SEO Simple As.. All In One SEO has been so easy to install and use. I am a complete newbie to this but this plugin is so intuitive that Im actually beginning to understand how and why things work. Thank you and keep up the good work.


My experience. My experience with WordPress has been a wonderful one Ive been using this platform for many years now and have always been very satisfied. I am not a tech person so the fact that I have been able to put together a website is miraculous thankfully to WordPress. I recommend and would like to Thankyou, WordPress for being awesome


Great Job. Complete SEO Plugin


Great Plugin for SEO!. The plugin helped me with setting up my first website. The scoring and tips and tutorials are great also!


Very comprehensive. The plugin is great, works well, and has all the features you can wish for.


I love it. Really love it


Works Well. Seems to work well so far!


Really good choice. This plugin has worked really well for years.


very good. Pretty good plugin tool!


Best Plugin. So far best plugin for SEO, help out a lot regarding SEO issues, especially in pro version.


Very good plugin. Excellent plugin for SEO


great plugin, better value :). this plugin has plenty of functionality and its better value than the one I was previously using, so Im happy 🙂


support is good. Early days yet to see whether recommended changes have a positive impact on SEO positioning but so far I like it.


Very Helpful SEO plugin. This plugin helps writing post to be SEO compliant from the beginning. It gives me confidence with scoring system.