Caching of Redirects in the Browser

The Redirection Manager in All in One SEO can speed up redirects for your visitors and reduce load on your site by using browser caching.

You can select this by going to Redirects in the All in One SEO menu and then click on the Settings tab.

Scroll down and you’ll see a setting for HTTP Cache Header which you can enable and set the cache duration.

HTTP Cache Header toggle and drop down in Redirect Settings

Click the toggle to enable caching and then select the cache duration in the drop down.

This will cache redirects in the visitor’s browser for the length of time you’ve selected. If you disable this then every time a visitor goes to a URL that has a redirect, then their browser will always check your site for the redirect, which can increase load.

If you don’t intend on changing redirects after you’ve added them, then it’s best to allow caching.

This will affect the logging of hits because redirects that are cached in the visitor’s browser can’t be counted since the redirect happens in the browser and not in All in One SEO.

Check out more documentation on our Redirection Manager here.

This feature was added in All in One SEO version 4.1.0.