Configuring the Twitter Settings for Your Content

Do you want to set the Twitter Title, Description and Image for your content?

This article will walk you through the easy steps to do this.

The instructions in this article apply to Posts, Pages, Media Attachments, any Custom Post Types, Categories, Tags and any Custom Taxonomies. We’re using the Add New Post screen in the screenshots below.

To get started, edit your content and scroll down to the AIOSEO Settings and click on the Social tab and then on the Twitter tab. You should see the Twitter PreviewUse Data from Facebook TabTwitter TitleTwitter DescriptionImage Source and Twitter card Type settings.

Twitter settings in All in One SEO on the Edit Page screen

The Twitter Preview shows how your content should look when posted on Twitter based on the Title, DescriptionImage and Card Type you set. There are icons in the top right corner to view how it may look on desktop or mobile.

Twitter Preview showing the desktop and mobile icons

If you want to use the TitleDescription and Image set on the Facebook tab as the Twitter title, description and image, then enable the Use Data from Facebook Tab setting.

Use Data from Facebook Tab setting

Setting the Twitter Title

To set the title for your homepage, click on one of our smart tags shown above the Twitter Title field.

Adding a smart tag to the Twitter Title field

You can also type the hash character ( # ) in the field to display a list of available tags you can choose from.

Typing the hash symbol displays a list of available tags to choose from

You can also enter text in the Twitter Title field or combine text with the smart tags.

Setting the Twitter Description

To set the Twitter description for this content, click on one of our smart tags shown above the Twitter Description field.

Adding a smart tag to the Twitter Description field

You can also type the hash character ( # ) in the field to display a list of available tags you can choose from.

You can also enter text in the field or combine text with smart tags to give you ultimate control over the Twitter description.

Setting the Twitter Image

Next we’re going to set the image.

You can do this using the Image Source setting. Click the drop down to see the available choices.

You can select Custom Image and a Twitter Image setting will be displayed where you can upload an image, select an image from your Media Library or paste the URL for an image.

Setting the Image Source and Twitter Image

Finally, we’re going to set the Card Type. This affects the appearance of the Tweet and can have a direct impact on click-throughs to your site.

You can use the drop down in the Twitter Card Type setting to choose either Summary or Summary with Large Image. The Preview will change based on your selection.

Twitter Card Type setting

That’s all! You’ve now set the social meta that Twitter will use when your homepage is shared.

You can find the documentation for these settings in the Social Meta Settings Individual Post/Page Settings here.