Deprecated Open Graph Settings in All in One SEO version 4.0

If you’ve upgraded to All in One SEO version 4.0 from a version previous version, you may have seen a notification alerting you that the settings below have been removed.

Notice stating review your Facebook Open Graph titles and descriptions

This article will help you determine how to proceed now that these settings have been removed.

The three settings that have been removed are:

  • Use Content for Autogenerated Descriptions
  • Run Shortcodes in Description
  • Run Shortcodes in Title

Here’s the best way to proceed for each setting:

Use Content for Autogenerated Descriptions

This setting would generate descriptions for use on social media networks from the post content instead of the post excerpt. This was originally intended for use with WooCommerce so that descriptions would be generated from the product content instead of the product short description.

In All in One SEO version 4.0 and later, you can use the Post Content or Post Excerpt smart tags in the Meta Description field under Search Appearance » Content Types to generate your descriptions. This will apply to SEO as well as social media descriptions.

Please review the Setting the SEO Title and Description Format for Posts article for more information.

Run Shortcodes in Description

This setting would run any shortcodes in the content in order to extract the text content and generate the description for social media networks. This was originally intended for use with page builders that wrapped content in complex shortcodes that created the page structure.

This setting is no longer needed because we use a built-in function in WordPress to get the content so we no longer need to run any shortcodes to do this.

Run Shortcodes in Title

Like the setting above, this setting would run shortcodes in the page title. However, most users never enter shortcodes in the page title so this setting is no longer needed.