Getting Keyphrase Suggestions From Semrush

In All in One SEO, you can add a Focus Keyphrase that the plugin will use to analyze your on-page SEO. This enables you to ensure your content and SEO is relevant to the phrase you’re writing about.

You can get suggestions for keyphrases from our partners at Semrush.

Tutorial Video

Adding a Focus Keyphrase

To use this feature, first edit your content and scroll down to the AIOSEO Settings section.

Type your keyphrase in the Focus Keyphrase field and click the Add Focus Keyphrase button.

Getting Keyphrase Suggestions

Once you’ve added your Focus Keyphrase, you should see a Get Additional Keyphrases button below the results for your Focus Keyphrase.

Click this button to open the Semrush window where you can log into your Semrush account or register for a free account.

Follow the steps to log in or register.


Next, you should see a request from Semrush to connect your website to your Semrush account. Click the Approve button.

Now you’ll see a table showing the related keyphrases to your Focus Keyphrase, and to the right of each keyphrase you’ll see the volume of search impressions for that keyphrase and a trend graph.

Adding Keyphrase Suggestions

If you have AIOSEO Pro, you will see an Add Keyphrase button, click this to add the keyphrase to All in One SEO.

You will now see results showing how relevant your content and SEO is to this phrase and recommendation for improvements.

This feature only exists in version 4.0.16 and later of All in One SEO.