How do I use your API code examples?

All in One SEO has a very extensive API which can be used to make changes in the plugin when there’s no setting.

In our API documentation you’ll see snippets of code that provide examples of how to use the specific API filter or hook. There are two ways you can safely add this code to your site:

  1. Perhaps the simplest solution is to use our WPCode Insert Headers and Footers plugin. You can use this plugin to add snippets of PHP code to your site. We have documentation on how to use this plugin here.
  2. Add the code to your child theme – Depending on the theme that you have, you may be able to create a child theme and add code to the functions.php file in your child theme.  You can find details on how to do this in the WPBeginner article here.  If you add code to your theme then it could get wiped away when you update the theme so always use a child theme.