How to Connect Your Site with Google Tag Manager

We strongly encourage you to click on the Get Started button to install and use MonsterInsights.

Get Started button in the Google Analytics section in A:aio

You can find an article on How to Implement Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager on the MonsterInsights site here.

MonsterInsights has a free version and a premium version and you can learn more about it at

The Pro version of All in One SEO Pack has support for Google Tag Manager.  You can find this option under All in One SEO > General Settings > Google Analytics as shown below:

Google Tag Manager settings

Enter your GTM Container ID in the field and All in One SEO Pack Pro will output the Google Tag Manager code on every page of your site.  It will also hide some of the Google Analytics advanced features that are replaced by Google Tag Manager.

If you would like to use multiple Google Tag Manager Container IDs on your website, then you do so using this filter hook.

This feature is in All in One SEO Pack Pro only.  Upgrade to the Pro plugin to take advantage of this feature.