Importing Redirects From Other Plugins

Did you know you can import redirects from other plugins into All in One SEO?

This makes it super easy to switch your redirects to All in One SEO instead of maintaining two plugins with the same functionality.

Tutorial Video

Getting Started

To get started, go to Redirects in the All in One SEO menu and then click on the Import / Export tab.

Import / Export screen in Redirection Manager

In the Import Redirects From Other Plugins section you’ll see a drop down that lists the plugins you can import from.

Select the plugin you want to import from and click the Import button. All in One SEO will import the redirects including any options such as Ignore Case, Ignore Slash, or Regex where possible.

Your imported redirects will be listed in the table on the Redirects tab.

Redirects table in All in One SEO

Check out more documentation on our Redirection Manager here.

This feature was added in All in One SEO version 4.1.0.