An Introduction to Link Assistant — The Easy Way to Manage Onsite Links

Since links are one of the top criteria considered in Google’s page ranking algorithm, you need to have an effective linking strategy.

Ever wanted a simpler way to manage your website’s internal and external links, without hiring an SEO expert?

We’ve got you covered with Link Assistant, the latest feature we added to AIOSEO 4.1.6.

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Want to get more website visitors?

Strategic internal linking can boost your organic traffic by as much as 40%.

To give you an easier way in managing your internal links, Link Assistant comes with a Links Report dashboard that helps you optimize your internal link-building strategy.

By giving you data on the types of links you have and how your web pages are linked together, the Links Report helps you build internal links faster and better.

Worried that you need to spend a lot of time manually generating a report on your site’s internal links?

You don’t need to — AIOSEO’s Link Assistant addon automatically generates an internal links report with its Links Report dashboard.

The Links Report dashboard also gives you insight into:

  • Linking Opportunities: Link Assistant crawls all your pages and offers suggestions on relevant pages you can link to, as well as anchor text you can use — without needing to audit your site manually.
  • Orphan pages: Link Assistant finds all the orphan pages (pages with zero internal links) on your site and offers linking suggestions to bolster your internal linking strategy.

Creating internal links is super easy with Link Assistant. For one, Link Assistant offers link suggestions that help you speed up the process of finding internal linking opportunities. 

Just click “Add Link,” and it automatically adds the link to your post. No need to open the post separately.

With this feature, you get to save time and effort while optimizing your site links for higher rankings.

Want to change your anchor text or link placement?

In the past, you had to open your blog post separately and revise your anchor text or link placement on a different page.

Now, with the Link Assistant, all it takes is just one click. Simply hover over the link suggestion, click on the edit icon and change your anchor text or link placement as needed.

Since it’s quicker for you to manage your links, you can easily add relevant links to your website to boost your chances of ranking your content higher.

Did you know that external links are considered the third most important ranking factor?

That’s why with this latest feature, we’ve made it simpler for you to manage your external links so you can help your website rank higher.

With Link Assistant’s Domains Report, you can easily have greater control over your site’s external links, without touching a single line of code.

For example, the Domains Report will help you delete external links that don’t add value to your content with just a few clicks.

Plus, you can edit all your external links right from within Link Assistant — no need to open each post individually.

As a result, you can organize your site’s external links in much less time. So, you’re free to invest that saved time back into your business.

With this latest feature, you can easily improve your user experience and build trust in your content to increase your site traffic.

Use the Settings Page to Define the Data You Want to See 

Too much data is crippling. That’s why we created the option to refine the information you see in Links Assistant. You can define the criteria for suggestions using the “Settings” page. 

Defining your ranges this way enables you to easily zero in on the posts, pages, and links that matter to you most. You can also exclude certain words from being suggested as anchor text, thereby improving anchor text suggestions.

As a result, it becomes easier for you to audit and optimize your internal and external links, thereby helping you boost your SEO.

Further Reading

You can find more information and articles about Link Assistant here.

This feature was introduced in All in One SEO Pro version 4.1.6.