Local Business SEO – Template overrides

Version 1.1.0 of Local Business SEO brought blocks, widgets and shortcodes to display your location’s business information and opening hours.

Those blocks, widgets and shortcodes are rendered through a single view file and can be overwritten in your theme by copying each file under the plugin’s folder aioseo-local-business/app/Views/ to your theme under the folder: aioseo/localBusiness/.

So, if you’d like to customize the BusinessInfo.php template just copy it from wp-content/plugins/aioseo-local-business/app/Views/BusinessInfo.php to your theme under: wp-content/themes/{your-theme-name}/aioseo/localBusiness/BusinessInfo.php.

Same goes for the templates OpeningHours.php and Locations.php


From the plugin

To the theme

There is no legacy documentation for this as it was added in All in One SEO v4.1.0.