Running shortcodes in All in One SEO

All in One SEO might parse shortcodes in order to determine the (best) value for data that is output in the source code. This data includes the SEO title, meta description, JSON schema, Open Graph/Twitter images, etc.

Some shortcodes cause issues when they are parsed by AIOSEO, e.g. because they are parsed too early or because they are parsed multiple times. Common issues are missing or duplicate content, interactive content no longer working correctly (e.g. forms) or missing stylesheets.

For this reason, we introduced a setting called “Run Shortcodes” in All in One SEO v4.2.0 that lets you control whether AIOSEO should parse shortcodes in your content. The setting can be found under Search Appearance > Advanced and is disabled by default for new users.

You might want to enable the setting if you want All in One SEO to autogenerate your SEO titles/meta descriptions and you’re using a page builder like Elementor or Divi that heavily relies on shortcodes.

There are a number of filter hooks that provide you with more granular control over how All in One SEO deals with shortcodes. You can find more information about these here: