SEO Analysis Unable to Connect to Your Site

If you’re experiencing problems with the SEO Analysis tool within All in One SEO then this article may help.

The SEO Analysis runs from our servers which scan your site for common problems that may affect SEO. Because the scan runs from our servers, they have to be able to reach your site, and this may not always be possible.

If your website is hosted locally and is still in development, it must first be published online before our servers can scan it.

Unable to parse site content

Some firewalls, security tools and CDNs such as Cloudflare and Incapsula may block our servers or cause the request to time out. If this happens you may see an error that says “We were unable to parse the content for this site.”

If the SEO Analysis tool returns this error and you have a CDN, firewall or security service implemented, you can try adding the two IP addresses below as whitelisted IP addresses:


Some security services may still not allow our SEO Analysis server through. In this case, unfortunately there is nothing you or we can do as this is a policy that they have.

Results do not match source code of the page

If you’re seeing results from SEO Analysis that don’t match what’s in the source code of your site, then this can be caused because we’re getting an error response or CAPTCHA back from your server or firewall.

You can try whitelisting the IP addresses above, but in most cases there is no way to bypass a CAPTCHA or other security measure that prevents us from browsing your site.

If you have configured a “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction” maintenance page for your website using a plugin like SeedProd, our servers will not be able to bypass it. You must first disable this page before scanning your site.

This feature is new in AIOSEO version 4.0.