Setting Noindex for RSS Feeds

By default, All in One SEO will set your RSS feeds to Noindex to ensure search engines don’t index them and include them in search results.

This is because people aren’t usually searching for your RSS feed and there are usually better ways to direct visitors to your feeds such as including an RSS feed icon on your site.

However, if you want to change this default behavior and have search engines index your RSS feeds then you can remove the Noindex tag added by All in One SEO.

To do this, go to Search Appearance in the All in One SEO menu, then click on the Advanced tab.

You should see the Global Robots Meta setting which should be set to Use Default Settings.

Click the Use Default Settings toggle to turn it off which will display the global robots meta checkboxes.

You should see a checkbox for No Index RSS Feeds, uncheck this to remove the noindex for your RSS feeds.

This setting is new in version 4.0.17.  There is no setting for this in All in One SEO version 3.x.