Unable to Save Settings Due to Cloudflare Firewall Rules

If you use Cloudflare and you’re having a problem saving settings in All in One SEO, including adding your license key in AIOSEO Pro, then you may be getting blocked by the firewall rules in Cloudflare.

Follow these steps to add a rule to allow AIOSEO to save settings:

First, log into your Cloudflare account and click on Page Rules in the top of the screen.

Click the Create Page Rule button and add the URL shown below, making sure to replace https://mydomain.com/ with the URL for your site:


In the drop down, select Disable Security and then click Save and Deploy.

Your new Page Rule should look like this:

Now go back to All in One SEO on your site and make sure you can save changes to settings.

If you’re still not able to save settings then please contact us for support here.