Using the Headline Analyzer in All in One SEO

Do you want help writing great titles for your content? If you do, then All in One SEO can help.

Our Headline Analyzer enables you to write great headlines that drive traffic, shares, and rank better in search results.

To get started, go to Posts and create a new post or edit an existing post. You’ll see the Headline Analyzer icon and score in the top right corner of the screen.

If this is a new post, type your post title in the Add title field of the post and then All in One SEO will analyze it and provide a score and recommendations as seen below.

If you’re editing an existing post then you’ll see the icon shows a score as seen above.

Now click on the Headline Analyzer icon to view the recommendations.

There are eight sections which make up the Headline Analyzer score and recommendations as described below:


The Score section shows your current post title and its score.

Word Balance

The next section is Word Balance which helps find a perfect balance between common, uncommon, emotional and power words.

The recommendations here cover the following types of words:

  • Common / Uncommon words: Combine common and uncommon words in your title
  • Emotional words: Emotionally triggered titles are likely to drive more clicks
  • Power words: Using power words will make your title stand out from the rest


The Sentiment section checks whether your title has a positive, negative or neutral sentiment.

Titles that elicit a positive emotion are more likely to result in click-throughs.

Headline Type

The Headline Type section checks to see if your title is one of four types of headlines. These are:

  • How-to – These are headlines that denote your post will teach something. For example, How To Rank Better On Google
  • List – Headlines that refer to a list tend to do very well with readers. For example, Top 10 Best SEO Plugins
  • Question – A headline that involves a question get great visitor traction. For example, How Do I Monetize My Site
  • General – This covers all other types of headlines

Character Count

The next section is Character Count which tell you how many characters are in your title, not counting spaces.

Anything over 35 characters is good.

Word Count

The next section is Word Count which tell you how many word are in your title.

Anything over 5 words is good.

Beginning & Ending Words

The Beginning & Ending Words section highlights the first three words and the last three words in your title.

People tend to focus on these words, so highlighting them helps you craft better titles.

Search Preview

Finally, the Search Preview shows how your title may look in search results.

Previous Scores

After you’ve set a title for your post, you can edit it to make changes. When you do this, All in One SEO will update the score and recommendations.

You’ll see a Previous Scores section is now displayed. This will show scores for each change to your title.

Click on any of the scores in the Previous Scores section and All in One SEO will display the details and recommendations for that title.

Try New Headline

Another feature you may find useful in the Headline Analyzer is the Try New Headline feature.

Click on the Try New Headline tab at the top of the Headline Analyzer and you’ll see a field where you can enter a headline you want to analyze.

Enter the title you want to analyze and click the Analyze Headline button.

All in One SEO will display a score and recommendations for your headline so you can see if it performs better than your existing post title.

This feature is new in All in One SEO version 4.1.2 so there is no legacy documentation.