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Turn your WordPress site into an SEO powerhouse for free with the ultimate AIOSEO plugin.

Why Do Over 3 Million Users ❤️ AIOSEO?

Swift, honest, full control. After all these years and having used almost every WP SEO plugin I’m amazed by AIOSEO’s depth, simplicity and fast workflow ❤️


The best online for SEO. So, far it is lightweight and the features for social networks, images, etc… Rocks! Keep up the great work guys and gals this plugin is a winner.


10 years using it allows me to say it is the best SEO plugin out there, we even have it in a yearly automated renewal basis. Keep up the great work!

Ed Burckhardt

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On-Page Optimization

Optimize your content with ease using our comprehensive on-page optimization tools. From meta tags and keywords to XML sitemaps and schema markup, AIOSEO ensures that your website is fully optimized for search engines.

Analytics and Reporting

Track your website’s performance and measure the success of your SEO efforts. AIOSEO provides detailed analytics and reports, giving you valuable insights into your website’s traffic, conversions, and keyword rankings.

SEO Analysis

Get valuable insights into your website’s performance and identify areas for improvement. AIOSEO provides an in-depth analysis of your SEO efforts, including keyword rankings, link assistance and technical SEO assistance.

Content Optimization

Create high-quality, SEO-friendly content that resonates with your audience. The AIOSEO free WordPress SEO plugin offers real-time content analysis, suggesting improvements to help you optimize your articles, blog posts, and pages for maximum visibility.

XML Sitemaps

Generate XML sitemaps effortlessly and submit them to search engines to ensure that your website is fully indexed. AIOSEO automatically updates your sitemap whenever you make changes to your site, saving you time and effort.

Social Media Integration

Boost your social media presence and drive more traffic to your website. AIOSEO seamlessly integrates with popular social media platforms, allowing you to optimize your content for social sharing and engagement.

Improve your WordPress Website’s Ranking for Free

Whether you’re a seasoned SEO professional or just getting started, the AIOSEO free WordPress SEO plugin is everything you need to conquer the search engines.

Join 3M+ Professionals and Teams using AIOSEO to Improve Their Website Search Rankings!


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Integrate AIOSEO with your Favorite Tools & WordPress Plugins

Microsoft Clarity

Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Clarity to analyze how users behave. Understand how people interact with your site and enhance their overall experience.


Access powerful keyword information from Semrush right in your system, assisting in shaping a better content strategy and SEO optimizations.


Make your new content or updates show up faster in search engines. IndexNow makes sure that fresher content becomes visible instantly.


Build stunning websites and landing pages effortlessly with Elementor. Grow your website with the Elementor x AIOSEO integration.


Using your favorite WordPress Page builder Avada and AIOSEO to better your website’s search visibility, rank easier on the SERPs.


The WPBakery x AIOSEO integration is what your WordPress website needs today.


SeedProd is the #1 Page Builder for your WordPress Site. Boost your website with the SeedProd x AIOSEO integration.


Ensure your beautifully designed website using Divi performs well on search engines with the Divi x AIOSEO integration.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Do you have a question about AIOSEO? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

Who should use AIOSEO?

AIOSEO is perfect for business owners, bloggers, designers, developers, photographers, and basically everyone else. If you want to optimize your WordPress SEO, then you need to use AIOSEO.

What’s required to use AIOSEO?

AIOSEO is a WordPress Plugin. In order to use AIOSEO, you must have a self-hosted WordPress site. That’s all.

Do I need coding skills to use AIOSEO?

Absolutely not. You can optimize your WordPress SEO without any coding knowledge. AIOSEO is one of the most beginner friendly WordPress SEO plugin.

Will AIOSEO slow down my website?

Absolutely not. AIOSEO is carefully built with performance in mind. We have developed everything with best practices and modern standards to ensure things run smooth and fast.

Is AIOSEO translation ready?

Yes, AIOSEO has full translation and localization support. AIOSEO is the original WordPress SEO plugin and has been translated in over 54 languages worldwide.

Does AIOSEO work on non-WordPress sites?

No. AIOSEO is a WordPress SEO plugin, so it will NOT work on sites that do not use WordPress. Additionally, AIOSEO is not compatible with the platform. You must be using a self-hosted version of WordPress to utilize AIOSEO.

Can I use AIOSEO on client sites?

Yes, you can use AIOSEO on client sites in two ways. Either you can purchase the Pro / Agency license OR purchase an appropriate license for each client sites. You can also refer your clients to purchase directly from our site using your affiliate link to earn a 20% commission.