This filter can be used to filter the Facebook and Open Graph markup All in One SEO outputs.

Arguments (1)

  1. $facebookMeta (array) – The meta tags.
$attributes = [
	'og:site_name'        => '',
	'og:type'             => '',
	'og:title'            => '',
	'og:description'      => '',
	'og:url'              => '',
	'fb:app_id'           => '',
	'fb_admins'           => '',
	'og:image'            => '',

The list of meta tags above is not exhaustive.

Example code snippet

The code snippet below is just an example of how this filter can be used. In the example below, the Open Graph title for a specific post is changed.

The code example below can be used to remove the article:published_time and article:modified_time meta tags.