This filter can be used to change an address format tag value.

Arguments (3)

  1. $tagValue (string) – The tag replaced value.
  2. $tag (array) – The tag options.
  3. $id (int) – The page or post ID

Example code snippet

The code snippet below is just an example of how this filter can be used. In the example below the tag ‘streetLineTwo’ has it’s value set to an empty string.

add_filter( 'aioseo_local_business_address_tag_value', 'aioseo_change_local_business_address_tag_value', 10, 3 );

function aioseo_change_local_business_address_tag_value( $tagValue, $tag, $id ) {
	if ( 'streetLineTwo' === $tag['id'] ) {
		$tagValue = '';

	return $tagValue;