This filter can be used to filter the meta views that AIOSEO outputs.

The current meta views are:

  1. meta – all general meta tags, including the description, robots meta, etc.
  2. social – all Open Graph and Twitter meta tags
  3. schema – our JSON schema
  4. analytics – our Google Analytics code (deprecated)

Arguments (1)

  1. $views (array) – The meta views.

Example code snippet

The code snippet below is just an example of how this filter can be used. In the example below, AIOSEO is prevented from outputting any data on category archive pages.

add_filter( 'aioseo_meta_views', 'aioseo_filter_meta_views' );

function aioseo_filter_meta_views( $views ) {
   if ( is_category() ) {
      return [];
   return $views;