This filter can be used to filter the additional pages of the sitemap.

NOTE: You’ll need to make sure the Additional Pages toggle is in the On position by going to All in One SEO > Sitemaps > Additional Pages for this filter to work.

Arguments (1)

  1. $pages (array) – The additional pages.

Example code snippet

The code snippet below is just an example of how this filter can be used. In the example below, a single additional page is appended to the list of additional pages.

add_filter( 'aioseo_sitemap_additional_pages', 'aioseo_sitemap_add_additional_pages' );

function aioseo_sitemap_add_additional_pages( $pages ) {
	$pages[] = [
		'loc'        => '',
		'lastmod'    => '2020-12-11 11:11',
		'changefreq' => 'always',
		'priority'   => (float) 1.0
	return $pages;