Blank Title Formats Have Been Detected

If you’re seeing a notice in All in One SEO about Blank title formats, then this article will help you determine if you need to take action.

The reason for this notice is because in Version 3.x of All in One SEO, you had removed the strings from Title Format fields. The Title Format fields should look like this:

When the strings seen above are deleted from these fields, All in One SEO can no longer output SEO titles for your content. This means that WordPress, not All in One SEO, is generating the SEO titles.

When you update to version 4.x of All in One SEO, we migrate settings which include empty Title Format fields.

When you edit your content and see that SEO titles you’d set weren’t migrated, then this would explain why.

For example, if the Page Title Format field in All in One SEO v3.x is blank, then it means All in One SEO is not outputting any SEO titles for your Pages, regardless of what you set on each individual Page.

When you update to v4.x, the SEO titles for your Pages are not migrated and will be empty. Instead, WordPress will be generating the SEO titles, just like it was doing before you updated.

If you want to use All in One to set your SEO titles then follow these steps:

Go to All in One SEO » Search Appearance » Content Types and scroll down to the section for the content you want to change, for example: Pages.

In the Title field, use the tags to set the format for your SEO titles and click Save Changes.

If you want to set individual SEO titles for each item of content, then edit the content and enter your SEO title in the AIOSEO Details section.

If you want to migrate the SEO titles you’d set in version 3.x then you will need to contact us for assistance here.