General Settings

You can find the new documentation for these settings in version 4.x here:

There are no settings for Use Original Title and Log Important Events in version 4.0 and later.

General Settings section in All in One SEO Pro

License Key

If you are using All in One SEO Pack Pro then you will see this field. This is where you enter the license key which you will find in your purchase receipt.

Canonical URLs

This setting is checked by default.  This is because the Canonical URLs setting protects you from being punished by Google for duplicate content, or having multiple URLs leading to the same content.  Google has a post on their Webmaster Central Blog which details the issues Googlebot faces with indexing duplicate content and how to avoid it.  Remember, having this box checked helps you follow Google's rules.

For more information, refer to this post by Google.

No Pagination for Canonical URLs

This option was added for those users who want to remove the pagination from Canonical URLs.  Typically the Canonical URL for a paginated page or post will be displayed at  This option removes the /page/2/ from the Canonical URL.

Use Original Title

This setting is disabled by default.  You may need to enable this if your theme or other active plugins on your site are interfering with All in One SEO Pack writing the Title tags on your site.

Log Important Events

The Log Important Events option generates a log file of events occurring within the All in One SEO Pack plugin.  The log file will be located in the wp-content/ directory. This is mainly used for debugging and reporting and can be safely left unchecked unless instructed to check it by our Support Team in our Premium Support Forums.

Useful Links:

  1. Google Webmaster Central Blog - Canonical URLs and Duplicate Content
  2. Usage Tracking
  3. Google's documentation about Rich Snippets