How to Exclude Content from Your Google News Sitemap

You may have news content on your site that you don’t want to submit to Google News.

If that’s the case, All in One SEO can help you.

News content is typically submitted to Google using a News Sitemap. All in One SEO generates this sitemap and it notifies Google when you’ve published new news content on your site.

Google can also find news content on their own by either crawling your site and following internal links, or by following links from someone else’s site to your content. This is less reliable and takes longer for them to find your content.

You can choose to exclude content from your News Sitemap so that Google isn’t notified when the content is published.

Here’s how to exclude content from your News Sitemap.

To get started, go to Sitemaps in the All in One SEO menu and then click on the News Sitemap tab.

News Sitemaps tab in Sitemaps menu in All in One SEO

Scroll down to the Advanced Settings section and click the toggle to display the Advanced Settings.

Advanced Settings in the News Sitemap settings

Here you’ll see a setting for Exclude Posts / Pages.

Exclude Posts / Pages setting in News Sitemap Advanced Settings

Start typing the title of any content in this field and a drop down will appear that shows matching content. Click on the content you want to exclude and it will be added in the field.

Typing the title of a page in the Exclude Posts / Pages field

You can then repeat this by typing the title of any content and selecting it.

This feature is not available prior to All in One SEO version 4.0.