Logging 404 Errors in All in One SEO

When someone visits a URL on your site that doesn’t exist, they’ll see a special page called a 404 page. You can log this information using the Redirection Manager and easily create a redirect to a different URL on your site.

This is a very useful and important tool in SEO. When a visitor gets a 404 page not found error it’s bad for your visitor and could result in them leaving your site and going to a competitor.

When you can see when this happens then you can create a redirect and keep your visitor on your site.

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Enabling 404 Logs

To get started, go to Redirects in the All in One SEO menu and then click on the Settings tab.

Settings tag in the Redirection Manager in All in One SEO Pro

Scroll down until you see the Logs section.

404 Logs setting in Redirection Manager

To log 404 errors, click on the 404 Logs toggle.

Setting Log Retention

You can then set how long logs are kept for using the drop down to the right of 404 Logs.

Viewing and Deleting Individual Logs

Now that you’ve set up logging, click on the 404 Logs tab to view the logs.

404 Logs screen in Redirection Manager

You’ll see the URL that someone visited in the URL column, the number of times the URL has been visited in the Hits column, and the date the URL was last visited in the Last Accessed column.

Click on the Add Redirect link to easily add a redirect for that URL. This will display a form where you can set where you want to redirect that URL to and what type of redirect you want it to be.

Add Redirect form on the 404 Logs screen

You’ll also see two icons on the right side of each log entry.

Click on the Additional info icon to view the log details.

Click on the Delete icon to delete that log entry.

You can search the 404 Logs for a URL by entering your search term in the Search field

Deleting All 404 Logs

If you want to delete all the 404 logs, go to Tools in the All in One SEO menu and then click on the Database Tools tab.

In the Logs section, you’ll see 404 Logs and there’ll be a Clear 404 Logs button which will clear all the 404 logs.

Logs section under Database Tools

To learn more about logging in the Redirection Manager, check out our Logging Redirects in All in One SEO article.

Check out more documentation on our Redirection Manager here.

This feature was added in All in One SEO version 4.1.0.