Quality Guidelines for SEO Titles and Descriptions

The major search engines pay a lot of attention to the SEO titles and descriptions for your content.

All in One SEO makes it easy to set the SEO title and description for your content and to comply with the quality guidelines from the major search engines.

Here are the quality guidelines you need to be aware of when writing your titles and descriptions:

  • Make sure every page of content has a title and description – All in One SEO adds these for you based on the formats you set under All in One SEO > Search Appearance.
  • Ensure each title and description is unique, duplicates should be avoided – By default, All in One SEO generates titles and descriptions from the titles and content on your site, so make sure pages, posts, etc. have unique titles and content.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing – Make sure the titles and content on your site are descriptive.
  • Add your brand (business/site name) to your title – By default, All in One SEO does this automatically for you by appending your Site Title to your SEO title.

Note that each search engine has its own specific limits on the length of your titles and descriptions, and these can differ whether you’re on a desktop or phone. 

Limits can vary based on the search term, so this is why we recommend performing a Site Search to check what’s in each search engines index and adjusting your SEO titles and descriptions to avoid them being truncated.

Here are the links to the quality guides for titles and descriptions posted by Google: