Setting the Schema Type for Individual Content

Following on from our article about Configuring the Schema Settings in All in One SEO, this article shows you how to override the default Schema Types on individual content.

The instructions in this article apply to Posts, Pages and any Custom Post Types.

To get started, edit your content and scroll down to the AIOSEO Settings, then click on the Schema tab.

Schema tab in the AIOSEO Settings section

Here you’ll see the Schema Type drop down. Use this to set the Schema type for this specific item of content.

Depending on what type you select, you may see an additional setting to select the type for that Schema. For example, for Articles you can select Article, Blog Post or News Article.

Article Type setting on the Schema tab

That’s all! You’ve now set the Schema Type for an individual item of content.

This setting is new in All in One SEO v4.0.