Adding a Location in Local SEO Addon

The Local SEO addon for All in One SEO Pro supports multiple business locations so that they appear in local search results.

After enabling Multiple Locations in Location Settings, you’ll see

After you enable Multiple Locations, All in One SEO will create a new post type called Locations which you’ll see in the WordPress menu. This is where you can add each location for your business.

To add a location, click on Add New under Locations in the main WordPress menu.

You’ll see the standard WordPress editor where you can enter your title. This can be your location name or whatever else you want to use for naming each business location. You’ll also see the content area where you can enter your content.

In the sidebar, you’ll see Location Categories and Featured Image. You can optionally use these to categorize your location(s) and add a location image.

Below the content area you’ll see the AIOSEO Settings section where you can set the SEO for your location. We’re going to skip over this and look at the AIOSEO Local Business section because this is where you add your location details.

At the top of the section you’ll see tabs for Business Info and Opening Hours.

Business Info

The first setting on the Business Info tab is Name. Enter the name of your business location here.

Next, you can select the business type that best matches your business in the Type drop down.

Next is the Image field where you can upload an image of your business. If no image is uploaded, then All in One SEO will use the Featured Image if one is set.

Next, enter the address for your business location in the Address fields.

You can use the Address Format field to set the format of your address when it’s displayed on your site using the widget, block, shortcode or PHP tag.

Use the smart tags shown above the field to add each part of your address in the format you want it displayed on your site.

Next, you can optionally enter the email address, phone number and fax number for this location (if you have them) in the Contact Info fields.

Phone and fax numbers can be typed normally without any brackets or hyphens.

If you have a VAT number or Tax ID, you can optionally enter them in the IDs fields.

Next, use the Price Indicator and Currencies Accepted drop downs to select the appropriate level for your prices and the currencies you accept. You can also list which payment methods you accept in the Payment Methods Accepted field.

Next, you can enter the list of areas you serve from this location in the Area Served field.

Once you’ve completed the Business Info tab, you can click on the Opening Hours tab to set the opening hours for this location.

Opening Hours

The first setting is the Use Defaults toggle. If you set this to Yes, then All in One SEO will use the settings from the Opening Hours tab in the Local SEO settings of All in One SEO detailed here.

The Show Opening Hours toggle will enable or disable opening hours for this location. Set this to Yes if you want to set and display opening hours for this location.

Next, you’ll see the Labels section where you can set the text that will be displayed if you’ve set opening hours for any day to either Open 24h or Closed.

Next, you can use the Open 24/7 toggle to select if your location is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use the Use 24h format toggle to select whether you want to use the 24 hour format when setting opening and closing hours.

Finally, you’ll see settings for each day of the week where you can set the opening hours.

Use the drop downs to select what time your location opens and closes each day. You can use the checkboxes to set if your location is open 24 hours or closed on a specific day.

Once you’ve completed the settings for each day of the week, you can publish your location.

There is no legacy documentation for this as it was added in All in One SEO v4.1.0.