Displaying Your Business Location Information on Your Site

Did you know that you can display information about your business location(s) on your site using All in One SEO?

All in One SEO includes a WordPress block which you can use in the WordPress Block editor to display business location information anywhere on the page.

Displaying Business Information Using a Block

To get started, edit any content using the WordPress Block editor and click the Add Block icon.

You can search for the block by typing AIOSEO Local in the search field.

Local Business SEO blocks in the Block editor

You’ll see the AIOSEO Local – Business Info block in the search results. Click on it to add it to your page.

Business Info block showing Location drop down and settings

Business Information Block Settings

You’ll see the settings in the sidebar.

If you have Multiple Locations turned off, then it will display the information entered in the Local SEO settings of All in One SEO and there will be no settings in the sidebar.

If you have Multiple Locations enabled, then you select can select which location you want to display using the Location drop down in the sidebar.

You’ll see toggles for Show labels and Show icons in the sidebar.

If enabled, Show labels will display the name of each field from the location information above the value, i.e. Address, Phone, Email, etc.

You can change these labels in the Labels section of the block settings.

Labels settings in the Business Info block

If enabled, Show icons will display icons to the left of the location information.

Business Info widget displayed on the front end of a site

Next, you’ll see toggles for each item of information you can display for a location. Use these to control what you want to display on your site.

Business Info toggles in the Business Info block settings

If you don’t use the WordPress Block editor then you can find other ways to display local business information on your site here.

There is no legacy documentation for this as it was added in All in One SEO v4.1.0.