Tracking Changes to Your SEO Using SEO Revisions

Have you ever wanted to see what changes you’ve made to your SEO over time so you can track whether a change affected your position in search results?

With All in One SEO you can do this using our SEO Revisions feature.

Tutorial Video

Check out our video on How To Track Your SEO Progress in WordPress below:

What are SEO Revisions

The SEO Revisions feature works just like the Post Revisions feature in WordPress.

All in One SEO records a revision each time you make a change to the SEO settings for a post, page, or other item of content. You can then view these revisions, compare any two revisions, and restore from a previous revision.

Viewing SEO Revisions

To get started, edit any post, page or other item of content and scroll down to the AIOSEO Settings section.

AIOSEO Settings section on the Edit Post screen

Now click on the SEO Revisions tab.

SEO Revisions tab shown in the AIOSEO Settings section on the Edit Post screen

Here you’ll see a list of changes you’ve made to the SEO for this specific post.

SEO Revisions tab showing a list of changes

The list of changes is in chronological order newest at the top. The list shows the WordPress user that made the change, as well as the date and time when the change was made.

You can click on the View Revision icon shown below to view the change that was made.

View Revision icon shown in the SEO Revisions list

Adding Notes to Revisions

One of the nicest features in SEO Revisions is the ability to add a note to a revision.

This enables users to annotate why they made a change to the SEO, making it easy to recall why a change was made when you view the revision at any time in the future.

To add a note to a revision, mouse over the change in the list of changes and click the Add Note link.

Add Note link shown in the SEO Revisions list

After clicking the Add Note link, type your note in the field shown.

Note field shown in the SEO Revisions list

Mousing over your note will display an Edit Note link which you can click to edit or delete your note.

Comparing SEO Revisions

To compare the changes made between two revisions, click on the Compare link next to a change.

Compare link shown in the list of revisions

You’ll see the Compare Revisions screen where you can use the scroll bar at the top to move backwards and forwards through the changes to your SEO.

Compare Revisions screen showing the scroll bar at the top and the comparison of changes below

The window on the left in pink shows the SEO setting before it was changed, and the window on the right in green shows the SEO setting after it was changed.

Restoring a Revision

Whilst you’re on the Compare Revisions screen, you can click the Restore This Revision button to restore from a previous point in time.

Restore This Revision button shown on the Compare Revisions screen

Deleting a Revision

To delete a revision from the list of changes, click the Delete Revision icon next to the change, then click the Yes, delete revision button in the confirmation screen.

Delete Revision icon shown in the SEO Revisions list

Deleting a revision only deletes the record of the change, it doesn’t reverse the change.

SEO Revisions and Search Statistics

If you’re using the Search Statistics feature in All in One SEO then you’ll be able to see your SEO Revisions on the detailed Search Statistics reports for your content.

This will enable you to see when a change to your SEO coincides with a change in the performance of that content on Google.

To learn about this feature, check out our article on Viewing Detailed Search Statistics For Your Content here.

This feature was added in All in One SEO version 4.4.0. There's no legacy documentation available.