Google Discover is a content recommendation service developed by Google that proactively suggests relevant content to users based on their interests, search history, and online behavior.

Instead of requiring users to search for information actively, Google Discover presents a personalized feed of articles, videos, and other content on the Google app’s home screen or to the left of the search results on mobile devices.

Examples of Google Discover’s use:

  • Personalized news feed: Google Discover analyzes a user’s interests and search history to curate a personalized feed of news articles, blog posts, and videos from various sources across the web.
  • Topic-based content: Users can follow specific topics of interest, such as “Technology,” “Sports,” or “Travel,” and Google Discover will display relevant content related to those topics.
  • Localized content: Google Discover may show location-based content, such as articles about events, restaurants, or attractions near the user’s current location.
  • Evergreen content: The service may surface older, evergreen content that remains relevant to the user’s interests, even if it was published months or years ago.
  • Social media integration: Google Discover can display content shared by friends and family on linked social media accounts to provide a more comprehensive content experience.

For content creators and SEO professionals, optimizing for Google Discover involves creating high-quality, engaging content that aligns with search intent.

Strategies may include using compelling images, crafting attention-grabbing titles, and ensuring content is mobile-friendly and quick to load.