All in One SEO Social Meta Panel optimizes your social shares

While we’ve been rolling out powerful features to give you the tools in All in One SEO Pack to manage your on-site SEO, Google ranking factors have evolved to include social metrics. Not only do quality content and structured data matter, but the Googolplex (we’ll now call them Alphabet City) has quite possibly updated its algorithm to include Twitter shares, Facebook Likes and shares, Google +1s, and LinkedIn posts, as well.

In a 2013 survey, Moz asked 128 SEO experts to weight thematic clusters of ranking factors in Google. (Fig.  1.) Responses indicated 7.24% of the overall ranking pie can be attributed to social metrics. While social metrics are a small piece of the overall pie, Web 2.0 and the social sharing universe spurred the development of Open Graph by Facebook in 2010. The Open Graph website,, states Open Graph is a protocol enabling any web page “to become a rich object in the social graph.”

Image of MOZ Rank Factor Pie 2013
Fig. 1. MOZ Rank Factor Pie 2013

Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+  have contributed to the development of Open Graph, which is now an open standard employed by all major social networks.

In the same way Google pulls meta title and meta description for its search engine results, Facebook is also looking for Title, Description, as well as image and other metadata from a post or page when it’s being shared into the social graph. Like Google’s crawler, Facebook can generally find information organically. But, when the Open Graph layer–with it’s various tags–is managed using All in One SEO Pack’s Social Meta panel, the result is similar to what we’ve been doing in SEO all along; crafting very specific Titles and Descriptions that appear in a Google search result.

To indicate to Facebook what SEO meta data should be pulled into a social share, websites are required to use Open Graph tags in the <head> section of their websites.

Our All in One SEO Pack Google search result contains a title and description optimized to appear the way it does in the Figure 2 below.

Screenshot image of All in One SEO Google Search Result on 2015-08-13
Fig 2: All in One SEO Google Search Result (2015-08-13)

And, this is how we leverage social media optimization with the All in One SEO Pack Social Meta panel in Figure 3 below.

Screenshot of All in One SEO Social Media Optimization.
Fig 3. All in One SEO Social Media Optimization.

Here is how Twitter pulls the title and URL of the page in its Tweet box in Figure 4 below.

All in One SEO Social Meta Twitter Share Example Image
Fig. 4. All in One SEO Social Meta Twitter Share Example

If you look at the page source of this post, you would see the code in the screenshot below (Fig. 5.), which displays Open Graph tags, including meta property, name, and item prop values. Using All in One SEO Social Meta feature, we are able to configure text for these fields and set the image to exactly the image desired to be shared.

Screenshot of All in One SEO Pack OG Tags
Fig. 5. All in One SEO Pack OG Tags | View Source

If a page has multiple images, Facebook will pull all of the images and give the sharer a choice of what image should go with the share. Marketers desire control over the shared image. With All in One SEO Pack’s Social Meta feature, you can define a default image or set a single image per page, post or custom post type.

To manage your Open Graph data, All in One SEO Pack includes an extensive social media optimization panel. If you do not have the All in One SEO Pack plugin, you can download All in One SEO Pack from the Plugin library or purchase the All in One SEO Pack Pro license. The Social Meta feature is contained in both versions.

All in One SEO’s Feature Manager gives you flexibility to turn on or off feature modules as needed. To activate the Social Meta module, the All in One SEO Pack plugin should have been downloaded and installed to your WordPress Plugin library, then activated.

Once activated, navigate to your WordPress Dashboard and find the All in One SEO Pack settings panel on the left administration sidebar (black vertical bar, as shown below (Fig. 6.). Toggle the arrow to open the sidebar panel. Click on the Feature Manager link. Once inside the Feature Manager section, click “Activate” under the Social Meta box.

Image of All in One SEO Feature Manager
Fig. 6. Feature Manager

Once the Social Meta panel is activated, it’s Menu item will appear under the All in One SEO Pack left administration sidebar. You may now easily access it from the sidebar. (Fig. 7.)

Image of All in One SEO Feature Manager with Social Meta Panel Activated
Fig. 7. Feature Manager; Social Meta Panel Activated

Now, you can start configuring your website or blog Open Graph settings and other Social Meta panel options, including adding a default share image or image(s) by page, post, or custom post type. You can set site-wide defaults, but they can always be overridden by changing the title, description, and image using the additional Social Meta panel added below the post entry field on every page, post, and custom post type (not shown).

The Social Meta feature supports Facebook Object Types. For example, you can set your share as a Facebook Object of Restaurant. Or, you can select Website or Blog. There are many different options. Twitter Cards are also supported, which help you can select the way you want your content shared into Twitter.

For more information on how to use the Social Meta feature in All in One SEO Pack, we provide extensive documentation on the feature’s respective Semper Plugins documentation page: along with a Beginners Guide.

Of course, you can see the Social Meta panel in action by simply sharing this post in social media. Go ahead and give it a try! We’ve added a 20% coupon off of All in One SEO Pack Pro, which you can only retrieve in the description when you share!

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  1. All in One SEO Pack Pro doesn’t display a Google Analytics graph in the WordPress Dashboard, other plugins do that.

  2. I can’t seem to find something relevant to the “Media Title Format
    (attachment)” when it comes to media files, for instance, I would like to apply %img_title% to all uploaded images considering the images are renamed upon upload/save using another plugin

    The only options I see are the basic ones such as %post_title%, %site_title% etc
    I don’t think what I’m looking for is even available in the Pro version, or is it?