Announcing IndexNow and page builder integrations.

[New] Introducing IndexNow and Page Builder Integrations in AIOSEO 4.1.7

SEO just became easier!

We’ve just rolled out AIOSEO 4.1.7, and it comes with some new features you’ve been asking for. One such feature is IndexNow, a sure game changer for those using Bing and Yandex. The other is our page builder integrations.

Let’s dive right in and see just how these new features can help make SEO easier for you.

Speed up Your SEO Results with the IndexNow Addon

We’re genuinely excited about the IndexNow addon as the IndexNow protocol is set to revolutionize how search engines crawl and index content. We’ve been working together with Microsoft on this for some time, and we’re happy we can now share this amazing tool with you.

What Does the IndexNow Addon Do?

After search engines crawl (discover) a page, they try to best understand what your page is about. They analyze the content, media, tags, categories, and everything you’ve put on the page. The search engine then stores this data. This is called indexing.

The time it takes for search engines to crawl and index your page can take anything from a couple of days to months. Unfortunately, this means your SEO efforts for that page will only start kicking in after search engines index your page.

That’s where AIOSEO’s IndexNow feature comes into play. 

It alerts Bing and Yandex of any changes you make in your content. This will lead to your new or updated content being crawled and indexed faster. This results in your SEO efforts bearing fruit much faster.

Accessing the IndexNow Feature

You can access the IndexNow feature by going to your AIOSEO dashboard and clicking on “Feature Manager:”

Activate IndexNow in the Feature Manager section of AIOSEO.

Turn the “Deactivated” toggle to “Activated” to turn on the feature. Then, click on the “Manage” link to continue with the setup. Doing so will take you to the Webmaster Tools section of the AIOSEO plugin:

A green tick will show that IndexNow is activated.

The green tick on the top right-hand corner of the IndexNow icon shows that you’re connected and ready to go.

Once activated, the IndexNow addon pings search engines every time you:

  • Publish new content
  • Update old content
  • Delete posts/pages

This results in new content, edits, or changes being indexed immediately. Prioritizing these recent changes goes a long way in helping you rank faster.

Page Builder Integrations

Another major update you’ll find in AIOSEO 4.1.7 is the page builder integrations. The plugin now integrates with three major page builders: SeedProd, Elementor, and Divi. This means you can use AIOSEO right from your favorite page builder’s dashboard. As a result, optimizing your content has just become more manageable. It also helps you create an optimized site structure, giving you a solid foundation for your SEO campaigns, all from within your favorite page builder.

Let’s quickly see how these page builder integrations work:

AIOSEO + SeedProd

SeedProd is fast becoming one of the most powerful page builders for WordPress. If you’re a SeedProd user, you’ll find AIOSEO nestled under the “Page Settings” tab in the SEO section.

AIOSEO page builder integrations in SeedProd can be found undere the page settings tab.

Clicking on the SEO section will open up AIOSEO and enable you to optimize your pages and posts right from within SeedProd.

This gives you greater flexibility and reduces the time needed to optimize your website.

Despite being nestled in SeedProd’s menu, you still get the full power of AIOSEO.

The Page Analysis section gives you all SEO information from AIOSEO.

Ranking your pages has become easier as you can implement SEO best practices right from within SeedProd. 

AIOSEO + Elementor

You’ll find AIOSEO under the Elementor settings menu:

You can find AIOSEO in the settings section of the Elementor page builder.

Clicking on AIOSEO will open up the AIOSEO functions you’re used to:

Opening the pagesettings will give the SEO options AIOSEO offers.

This enables you to easily optimize your page on-the-fly with AIOSEO’s suggestions.

You can also optimize other aspects of your pages and posts right from within the page builder. These include schema, social meta, and more.

Opening the advance settings will give you more options to help boost your SEO.

If you love Elementor, then you’ll love it more when you experience the powerful combination of your favorite page builder and the world’s best SEO plugin.


AIOSEO also integrates very well with Divi. You can easily access AIOSEO next to your Divi settings icon. 

Clicking on AIOSEO opens up the SEO settings you can apply to your page or post using AIOSEO. As with SeedProd and Elementor, you still get all functionality, even though you’re working from within Divi.

Having AIOSEO working in your page builder gives you more control and flexibility on how you optimize your website. This definitely is a game changer for those who use these supported page builders.

AIOSEO 4.1.7 — Giving You More Control Over Your SEO Success

With the IndexNow addon and the page builder integrations, AIOSEO gives you more control over your SEO success. 

SEO has never been easier!

We’re committed to helping WordPress users succeed with their online marketing. Whether you run a blog, membership site, e-commerce store, etc., we have your success at heart. That’s why we’re continuously improving our plugin, so you have more tools to help you get ahead of your competitors.

There’s no better time than now to upgrade to a paid plan. We’re cooking up many features to empower WordPress users to handle all their SEO tasks effortlessly right from within their WordPress dashboards.

As always, we value your feedback and input — keep the suggestions and feature requests coming. Together, we’ll build the best WordPress SEO plugin on the market.

Don’t have the AIOSEO plugin yet?

Go ahead and get started with the world’s best SEO plugin and toolkit — AIOSEO.

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    1. Glad to hear you love this new feature. We strive to make SEO super-easy for our users.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a coment.

  1. Hi there, love the AIOSEO after changing from Yoast!
    Only problem I find is that the Theme I am running, Kallyas uses a page builder called Zion Builder.
    Are you going to integrate this into AIOSEO in the near future?
    There are 50,000 sales of this theme on Themeforest so it is a reasonably large target for you.

    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks so much for your contribution. Unfortunately there are so many themes out there that keeping up with all of them is impossible so we can’t promise to integrate with any at the moment. However, we’ll keep you posted each time we do.

      1. For the Kallyas theme I agree, as it was the starting point of Zion… now Zion builder is a real page / theme builder is the builder now compatible with All in one SEO ?
        I have got a pro license both side and I m starting to test Zion Builder, wonder if everything is compatible or not.