Introducing the New Microsoft Clarity Integration and REST API Addon

If you thought AIOSEO was a powerful SEO toolkit, wait till you hear about our new updates.

We’ve just rolled out version 4.1.9 of our plugin, and boy does it have some powerful new features.  

To give you the best possible SEO toolkit, we’ve added a Microsoft Clarity integration so you can gain insights into user behavior. We’ve also added a REST API feature that lets advanced users have more control over the SEO of their headless sites.

Let’s quickly look at what these changes mean for you.

New Microsoft Clarity Integration Gives You Clear Insights on User Behavior

Clarity is a free tool from Microsoft that lets you track user behavior on your website. The data is visually presented in a dashboard format, making it easier to digest. 

Clarity has an easy-to-digest dashboard that gives a wealth of information on how users interact with your site.

Since AIOSEO now integrates with Microsoft Clarity, you can quickly understand how your visitors use your site with just a few clicks.

That means you’ll have easy access to user behavior data on your AIOSEO dashboard, like heatmaps and session recordings.


Heatmaps are an excellent way to see how your website visitors interact with your pages. They come in two main types:

  • Click maps: These show the elements users interact with the most, indicating which are more important to them. 
  • Scroll maps: Scroll maps show how far down your pages users go and are a great way of identifying friction points on your web pages.

Heatmaps are a great way of understanding what users are looking for on your site. The information you get from heatmaps can help you optimize your pages. For example, elements of our site than could do with a design makeover. 

The insights you get from a heatmap can also help you know whether you need to move important information further up the page.

Session Recordings

Wish you could stand behind all your website visitors and see the exact actions they take on your website?

You can come pretty close to that with Clarity’s session recordings. Clarity records all movements users make on your website, giving you insight into every action they take. You get to see:

  • Mouse movements
  • Clicks
  • Taps
  • Scrolling

Clarity records all this data for all users across multiple pages and devices, so you can easily playback the recordings. 

How does this help?

The insights you get from user behavior are essential in helping you make data-driven decisions. For example, you get to know whether your new copy, design elements, or new features are performing well or not.

The data you get from session recordings can also help you debug your website’s performance as you see friction points that affect users.

You can apply different filters (there are about 25) to show the data that matters most to you for more granular results. And you can get that data for your WordPress site thanks to our new Clarity integration.

If you’re an AIOSEO user with a Pro or Elite license, just update to AIOSEO 4.1.9. Then, head to your General Settings » Webmaster Tools Verification to turn on and set up the Microsoft Clarity integration. 

You can activate Clarity from your AIOSEO general settings under the Webmaster Tools option.

Once you’ve completed the setup process, simply wait a couple of hours for Clarity to gather enough data and you’re good to go.

With this new integration, you can now better understand how users interact with your website. This will help you create better iterations of your website. It also helps you craft copy that meets search intent.

New REST API Addon Boosts Headless Sites’ SEO 

Another fantastic feature we’ve added to AIOSEO is the REST API addon.

The REST API addon is for developers and advanced users who love the power of WordPress but want a headless solution. 

FYI, a headless WordPress site is a site that’s powered by WordPress but uses a different custom system to display content to your visitors.

The problem with headless sites is there are no dedicated SEO tools to help you with optimization. Therefore, you have to build your site with SEO in mind right from the start. 

However, SEO is not something you do once and forget. You always have to be tweaking your website’s SEO for performance.

This is where the REST API comes in.

In short, the REST API helps two web-based systems to interact with each other. In this case, the backend (WordPress) part of your site and the frontend (custom) interface.

We’ve added a REST API addon in the Feature Manager section of the AIOSEO dashboard:

With the AIOSEO REST API addon, you can pull the SEO data from AIOSEO from the backend of your site and implement it on the frontend. This helps make SEO easier for you in a headless environment.

Power Your SEO Strategy with Clarity and REST API

We’re incredibly excited (and proud) to announce our 4.1.9 update. 

It helps users take more control of their SEO. It also enables you to understand your site visitors better to create better experiences for them. Of course, this ultimately results in a website that drives more traffic and converts better.

There’s no better time than now to upgrade to a Pro or Elite AIOSEO plan

We’re constantly adding more features to empower WordPress users to handle all their SEO tasks. Our desire is for you to be able to manage your website’s SEO without having to hire an SEO professional.

How do we come up with all these terrific features?

Some of our most incredible features are requests from users like you. So, keep the feedback, suggestions, and feature requests coming. Together, we’ll build the best WordPress SEO plugin on the market.

Don’t have the AIOSEO plugin yet?

Go ahead and get started with the world’s best SEO plugin and toolkit — AIOSEO.

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