10x content refers to high-quality, exceptional, and comprehensive content that provides far more value than existing online resources on the same topic.

This content goes beyond what is expected, offering in-depth information, unique insights, visual appeal, and engaging formats that captivate and satisfy the audience’s needs.

The term 10x content was coined by SEO expert Rand Fishkin, during one of his Whiteboard Friday videos. He subsequently elaborated on how to create 10x content.

The context of 10x content is the increasing competitiveness of search engine rankings. In an era of information abundance, to stand out, Fishkin argued it’s necessary to produce content that’s “ten times better” than top-ranking web pages.

Rand Fishkin’s Criteria for 10x Content

Fishkin’s criteria for 10x content are consonant with Google’s ranking factors:

  • “Great UI and UX on any device”
  • “[Some] combination of high quality, trustworthy, useful, interesting, and remarkable”
  • “Considerably different in scope and in detail from other works that are serving the same user or visitor . . . “
  • “Solves a problem or answers a question by providing . . . comprehensive, accurate, exceptional information or resources . . .”
  • “Delivers content in a unique, remarkable, unexpectedly pleasurable style or medium.”
Rand Fishkin explains how to create 10x content.