308 Permanent Redirect is a HTTP status code that indicates a permanent redirection of a requested resource to a different URL.

308 Permanent Redirect vs. 301 Redirects

The difference between a 308 Permanent Redirect and a 301 Moved Permanently (also called 301 redirect) is in the technical details.

The 308 Permanent Redirect preserves the original request method and body when redirecting, whereas the 301 Permanent Redirect converts any POST, PUT, or DELETE requests into simple GET requests.

Other than this difference in allowing the original HTTP verb and request body to be resent automatically without alteration, the 308 and 301 status codes both indicate that a requested resource has been permanently moved to a new permanent URL provided by the Location header.

The 308 code avoids breaking clients that require the original request context, while providing the same enduring redirection functionality of a 301.

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