Buyer intent keywords signal some degree of commercial intent on the part of the searcher.

Advertisers and content creators target these queries to reach consumers who are at the consideration or purchase stages of the sales funnel.

Semrush, a keyword research tool, classifies keywords into four intent types. Only Commercial and Transactional keywords signal buying intent.

Keyword TypeDefinitionExample Queries
InformationalSeeking information or research“coffee bean types”
NavigationalLooking for a specific website or page“”
CommercialLooking for “how-tos” to solve a problem.
Or comparison shopping: seeking reviews
and product information.
“best drip coffee makers”
TransactionalReady to buy, highest intent“buy nespresso pods”

Identifying and targeting these searchers who have indicated a motivation to shop allows businesses to cost-effectively connect with prospects.

This is one reason why keyword research is crucial for understanding audience search behavior.