The Facebook Debugger, also known as the Sharing Debugger, is a tool provided by Facebook that helps developers and content creators diagnose and fix issues related to how their web pages appear when shared on Facebook.

Examples of Facebook Debugger use:

  • Troubleshooting missing or incorrect preview images, titles, or descriptions when sharing a link on Facebook
  • Refreshing the cache for a URL after making changes to the page’s Open Graph tags, which control how the page appears when shared
  • Checking if the Open Graph tags are properly implemented and contain valid information
  • Identifying and resolving issues with link thumbnails, such as low-quality images or incorrect aspect ratios
  • Previewing how a web page will appear when shared on Facebook, allowing for optimization of the shared content to improve click-through rates and engagement

By using the Facebook Debugger, developers and content creators can ensure that their web pages are correctly formatted and optimized for sharing on Facebook, leading to better visibility, engagement, and traffic from the platform.

Optimizing Social Posts in WordPress

WordPress site owners can use an SEO plugin like All in One SEO (AIOSEO) to control how their posts look in social media

AIOSEO automatically adds the OG tags that are necessary for your preferred image, description, and title to appear on social platforms like Facebook.

examples of og tags
Above: Example of a Facebook post that was optimized with AIOSEO. We’ve added the OG tags responsible for each display item.