Setting the SEO for WooCommerce Content

Did you know that All in One SEO integrates with WooCommerce enabling you to control the SEO and social meta for your products?

And, the Pro version of All in One SEO enables you to control this for your product categories, product tags and product attributes as well.

You’ll find the documentation for this here:

Check out our video on improving the SEO for WooCommerce content below:

With All in One SEO, you can set the SEO title, SEO description, Open Graph social meta, and more for your WooCommerce Products, Product Categories, Product Tags and Product Attributes.

To do this, go to All in One SEO » General Settings » Content Type Settings.

You'll see a checkbox for Products in the SEO on only these Content Types setting and checkboxes for Product Categories and Product Tags, as well as for any Product Attributes you've created in the SEO on only these Taxonomies setting. Check these boxes and click Update Options and this will enable the SEO features.

To enable the Open Graph Social Meta features, go to All in One SEO » Social Meta » Facebook Settings and check the box Products in the Enable Facebook Meta for Post Types setting.

Note: Open Graph Social Meta features for Product Categories and Product Tags are controlled by the SEO setting.

You can then edit any product, product category, product tag or product attribute and you should see the All in One SEO section with the fields for Title and Description, as well as the Social Settings tab where you can set the Open Graph meta for sharing on social media.

You can find documentation for this here:

Setting the SEO on your content

Setting the Social Meta on your content

*Please note, the features for product categories, product tags, and product attributes are only available in All in One SEO Pro.