Displaying your Business Information and Star Ratings on a Map

Google Business is a very powerful feature for your local business!

It is Google’s listing for local business search results and they are displayed at the very top of the Google search results when a user is looking for local information.

You can register for Google Business for free here and you can also include opening hours and photos for your business.

If you already have your Google Business profile set up, then you’re good to go!

Business Map vs Normal Map

A Normal Map will just have a custom marker with your business name and address above it. By default, All in One SEO Pro will display a Normal Map on your site.

When you use a Normal Map, it’ll create a dynamic map using Google’s Maps JS API which is subject to usage charges as detailed here.

Example of a Normal map

However, a Business Map will include your business name, address, star ratings, reviews, and a link for directions in a nicely crafted box displayed in the top left-hand corner of the map.

Example of a Business map

When you use a Business Map, you’ll be taking advantage of a free service Google offers because map embed requests are free with unlimited usage as detailed here.

How to Display a Business Map Using AIOSEO

First, you’ll need to enable the Maps Embed API on your Google project as shown below:

For details on how to do this, check out our Selecting the Google Maps APIs to use with All in One SEO article here.

Next, go to All in One SEO » Local SEO » Locations and scroll down to the Map section.

Enter your business address in the Enter a query field in the top center of the map.

Enter a query field shown in the Map area

When your business location is displayed on the map, zoom right in on your business until you see the pin and name for your location.

Click on the pin set by Google and you’ll see the Latitude, Longitude, and the Place ID information displayed above the map.

That’s it! Now wherever you display a map using our shortcode, widget, block, or PHP code, All in One SEO will display a Business Map.

Further Reading

For more detailed information on how to set up and display Google Maps, check out our articles below:

This feature was introduced in All in One SEO version 4.1.4. There is no legacy documentation available.