Introducing the New AIOSEO Full Site Redirects and Headline Analyzer

At AIOSEO, we’ve always been listening to our users’ feedback to launch new features and make the user experience even better.

Today, we’re pleased to announce 2 new features to level up your SEO game: Full Site Redirects, and Headline Analyzer.

With the new update, you can easily redirect your entire site and also come up with a catchy headline that boosts click-throughs on Google and drive more organic traffic.

Let’s take a closer look…

1. Full Site Redirects – Overview

The Full Site Redirects feature allows you to redirect your entire website to another domain. In addition, you can also set up site aliases that you want to be redirected to the current site.

With the new update, AIOSEO even lets you force URLs to be redirected from HTTP to HTTPS for improved security.

We also added the ability to add HTTP headers to the site’s responses. These can be added for the entire website OR a custom redirect.

Easily Manage Full Site Redirects

Unlike other redirection plugins, AIOSEO gives you access to everything you need to maximize your SEO from one single plugin.

And with our Full Site Redirects, even an absolute WordPress beginner can redirect their entire site from one domain to another.

You’ll now see the Full Site Redirects tab in the plugin under All in One SEO » Redirects.

Redirects settings

The following options are available on this screen.

Relocate Site

With this option enabled, you can redirect the entire site to a new domain, except for the WordPress admin and login details. Keep in mind that when you enable this option, the site aliases and canonical settings will be disabled.

Relocate Site

Site Aliases

Site Aliases is when you want to link multiple domain names to the same website. Basically, when you control various domains, you can use an alias to keep them active while managing only one website.

For instance, if you’ve two domains, and, and you want all traffic coming to the .org domain to be redirected towards the .com domain, you can set up site aliases to redirect the traffic.

Site Aliases

Canonical Settings

The canonical URL of a web page basically lets Google know where the original content of that page can be found in order to prevent duplicate content penalties from Google. 

With the Canonical Settings option, you can redirect all URLs to a new canonical URL. For instance, you can redirect to, similarly you can add or remove WWW in front of the domain.

Canonical Settings

HTTP Headers

This option adds HTTP headers to the site’s responses across the site, including redirects.

In addition, we have added two buttons that let you add predefined security and CORS headers.

Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) is a browser mechanism that enables controlled access to resources located outside of a given domain

If you set CORS to only load URLs from your website,, an image that is hosted elsewhere ( won’t be loaded on the user’s browser because of the CORS policy of the server.

The same goes for the security headers. They help prevent common security vulnerabilities like XSS attacks.

HTTP Header

Read our full site redirects documentation for more details on how to redirect the entire site.

2. Headline Analyzer – Overview

Did you know 8 out of 10 people may not even read your content if the title isn’t captivating enough? To drive more traffic to your website, you need to write compelling headlines that will convince users to click the search results on Google.

The AIOSEO plugin comes bundled with a headline analyzer tool that lets you analyze and check if your title has the emotional value to engage your users. The best part is that you can tweak and refine the headline based on our suggestions until you find the best one for increased engagement!

Easy Access Within Post Editor

The SEO Headline Analyzer can be found in the post editor (Block Editor only) and lets you analyze your headline for SEO.

If you change the title of your post, the Headline Analyzer will automatically analyze it again and display the new score. It will also show a history of the previous headline that you’ve tried.

The score is based on a number of criteria that are listed below the score, such as word balance, word count, uncommon words, and more.

Current Score Headline Analyzer

There’s also another tab called Try New Headline, where you can test a new headline without changing the current one.

Try New Headline

You can also find the Headline Analyzer option in advanced settings.

SEO Headline Analyzer

Read our headline analyzer documentation and see how you can use this feature to create a catchy headline.

With the release of these features, we hope that our users can set up better site redirects and write great headlines that capture the interest of the readers.

As always, thank you for your continued support in helping us make All in One SEO the best WordPress SEO plugin!

And if you haven’t done so already, click here to get started with All in One SEO today!

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Ben Rojas is an expert WordPress developer and the President of All in One SEO (AIOSEO). With a robust foundation in the IT sector spanning over 25 years, Ben has developed a profound expertise in technology and digital landscapes.

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15 comments on “Introducing the New AIOSEO Full Site Redirects and Headline Analyzer

  1. These are great contributions to AIOSEO. About Headline Analyzer I have a question: Is it prepared for Spanish? Thanks!

    1. Hi Javier, Our Headline Analyzer currently only support English language content but we’ll be adding more languages soon.

  2. These new updates really make this SEO software stand out form the competition, especially the one that rhymes with TOAST! Thanks AIOSEO!

  3. Hi AIOSEO Team,
    Am a fan of your product – thank you! Could please present a site / url that displays a ‘post’ as referenced? Also, an example of using the url redirect? I own all top level domains for site- and as well some ‘very good’ urls with highly relevant keywords – and all are merely forwarded to main domain. Thinking I’m missing an opportunities from the info presented in re-direct article.

  4. Very happy that you came up with this. I’m always struggling to find catchy headlines and with this tool, I’m sure I’ll do much better. Thanks, AIOSEO!

  5. Hello SEO, I’m glad seing you here. I didn’t know how to operate my site, because someone help me opened it. How can I upgrade my site to AIOSEO Full Site Redirects and Headline Analyzer”?

    1. Hi Moses, The Full Site Redirects feature is available in our Pro and Elite plans for All in One SEO Pro which you can purchase here. The Headline Analyzer feature is available in both our Lite and Pro plugins.

  6. Thanks for this helpful feature! Does AIOSEO Redirect Manager help migrations to unified domains with different subfolders? For example, if I want to migrate multiple ccTLD websites into a unified .com domain with country-code subfolders?

  7. Hello!

    Thanks for this post. I’m using AIOSEO in two sites. Both use the block editor and have the last AIOSEO version. In the one where I instaled AIOSEO first, Headline Analyzer was automatically available. However, in the one I installed yesterday I didn’t get Headline Analyzer.

    Apparently AIOSEO is configured the same in both sites, so I don’t know why I don’t see Headline Analyzer. I’d thank you very much if you can let me know what the problem may be, so that I can correct it. Again, I’m using the block editor.


    1. Hi Daniela, thank you for contacting us. I see that someone from our Support team has responded to a ticket you opened with us. They’ll be able to help you there.