A “303 See Other” is an HTTP status code indicating that the response to the request can be found at a different URL using the GET method. The new URL is specified in the “Location” header of the HTTP response.

The main purpose of this status code is to redirect the client to a different URL after a POST request, preventing the client from accidentally resubmitting the POST data if they refresh the page.


  1. After submitting a form:
  • POST URL: http://example.com/submit-form
  • Redirect URL: http://example.com/form-submitted

2. After logging in:

  • POST URL: http://example.com/login
  • Redirect URL: http://example.com/user-dashboard

3. After creating a new resource:

  • POST URL: http://example.com/create-post
  • Redirect URL: http://example.com/post/123

The 303 status code ensures that the client always performs a GET request on the new URL, preventing the accidental resubmission of POST data and separating the POST and GET requests for better clarity and control.

303 See Other redirects are often implemented to facilitate idempotent requests to resources.

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