302 Found is a HTTP status code indicating that a requested web page or file has been temporarily moved to a different location. The new URL is specified in the “Location” header of the HTTP response.


  1. When a website is redesigned, old URLs may be redirected to new ones using a 302 status code.
  • Old URL: http://example.com/old-page
  • New URL: http://example.com/new-page

2. During server maintenance, requests may be temporarily redirected to a different server or a maintenance page.

  • Original URL: http://example.com/
  • Temporary URL: http://maintenance.example.com/

3. When a URL shortening service is used, the shortened URL returns a 302 status code and redirects to the original, longer URL.

  • Shortened URL: http://short.url/abc123
  • Original URL: http://example.com/long-url-here

The main purpose of a 302 status code is to indicate that the requested content is temporarily available at a different location, and the client should use the new URL provided in the “Location” header for future requests.

302 redirects can be easily executed in All in One SEO (AIOSEO) by using the plugin’s Redirection Manager.