410 Gone is a HTTP status code that indicates that the requested resource is permanently unavailable and will not be accessible in the future.

Here are some scenarios that may trigger the 410 Gone HTTP status code:

  • Page Removed – If a webpage is deleted or no longer published on a website, accessing the old URL may result in a 410 indicating it is definitively gone.
  • Content Expired – Content that was once authorized but has expired due to an elapsed promotional period or end date may return 410 to crawlers.
  • Limited Edition Material – Special content published for a period of time like a seasonal page or limited sale item no longer being offered may explain a 410.
  • Mobile App Support Ended – Apps that have been removed from app stores when support discontinues for older OS versions may give 410 errors.
  • Domain Not Renewed – Websites that fail to renew their domain registration start returning 410 errors indicating the DNS record is permanently gone.

In summary, the 410 status code means the content requested previously existed but has been permanently removed with no plans to restore access in contrast to a temporary unavailability.