How to Optimize Your Landing Pages with the SeedProd & AIOSEO Integration

Would you like to know how to do SEO on a landing page built using SeedProd?

Landing pages are specialized web pages that serve only one purpose — converting traffic into leads. A defining characteristic of landing pages is the form designed to capture visitor information. 

To ensure your landing pages succeed at converting traffic, they must be:

  • Designed to offer a positive user experience (UX)
  • Feature clear, crisp copy
  • Have one goal

Because conversion is a priority, landing pages shouldn’t contain distracting elements or links to other websites. You must ensure the design and copy are optimized to funnel traffic to your offer.

In this article, we’ll show you how to optimize your SeedProd-built landing pages using AIOSEO.

Building Effective Landing Pages Starts with the Right Builder: SeedProd

One of the first steps to building SEO-friendly landing pages is to use the right landing page builder.

That’s why we recommend SeedProd.

SeedProd is the best WordPress plugin for building beautiful and effective landing pages for your website.

SeedProd is a powerful yet lightweight landing page builder.

If you’re wondering why, here are a few reasons SeedProd must be your landing page builder of choice:

  • Easy to use: Designed to be intuitive, you can easily build effective landing pages without any technical experience. This is all thanks to it being a drag-and-drop builder.
  • Loads of pre-built templates: Whip up a landing page fast using SeedProd’s pre-built templates. All you have to do is fill in your copy.
  • Easy to customize: The visual builder helps you see the changes you’re making to your landing page in real-time.  
  • Ready-made content sections: With SeedProd, there’s no need to create every content section block by block. You can use the ready-made ones to speed up the process.
  • Ready-made color palettes and fonts: Designed by experts, these make design work super easy, as you can pick one palette and have it applied to your entire page.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced marketer, you’ll definitely love the powerful features SeedProd brings to the table. the ease of use that SeedProd affords

9 Best Practices for Building SEO-friendly Landing Pages with SeedProd

Because of the high business value of landing pages, getting them to rank high must be every marketer’s priority. Thankfully, this is another area in which SeedProd shines. Let’s quickly dive into some of the best practices for building SEO-friendly pages with SeedProd. 

1. Leverage the AIOSEO/SeedProd Integration

Nothing beats having an SEO plugin working from right within your page builder. It makes optimizing your landing pages so much easier as you can do it while creating them.

That’s exactly what you get if you’re an AIOSEO user.

If you use SeedProd to build your landing pages and you’re an AIOSEO user, you can leverage AIOSEO’s SEO features within the page builder. To do that, you can click on Page Settings as you’re editing your landing page:

The SeedProd/AIOSEO integration makes optimizing landing pages easier.

You can input your focus keyword and optimize your SEO title and meta description here. You can also implement schema and redirects if needed and other optimizations. These will help ensure your landing pages are primed to rank in search.

2. Build Your Landing Pages Around the Right Keywords

The basis of every SEO campaign is keyword research.

With landing pages, not every keyword is relevant. However, because conversion is the ultimate goal, you need to find:

  • Long-tail keywords: These have less competition and higher conversion value as they are more specific.
  • Keywords with transactional intent: To increase the chances of ranking, driving traffic, and converting that traffic, your landing page must meet search intent.

To help you uncover the best keywords for your landing page, use keyword research tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Serpstat, etc. To improve your chances of conversion, build multiple pages per campaign, with each targeting a particular keyword.

3. Craft an Optimized Landing Page Headline

Headlines play a massive role in helping your landing page rank well and generate traffic. That’s why you must take your time crafting headlines optimized for search engines and appealing to users. A few tips to help you do that include:

  • Frontload your keyword: Use your focus keyword and try as much as possible to put it at the beginning of the headline.
  • Keep it short: Real estate on SERPs is limited, so keep your headline to within 60 characters.
  • Make it descriptive: Despite being short, ensure that your headline is as descriptive of your offer as possible and try to highlight the primary benefit.

Both search engines and users consider headlines a primary indicator of what your content is all about. Your headline is one of your first chances of proving that your landing page will satisfy search intent.

4. Structure Your Landing Page Well

One on-page SEO technique you must never overlook on any page you create is page structure.

Content structure plays a considerable role in your landing page’s SEO. Make sure to structure your landing page so that it will be easy for search engines to understand what it’s about. More importantly, make it flow easily, so your visitors don’t struggle to digest the information. A few tips for optimizing your landing page’s structure include:

  • Use lots of heading tags
  • Include images in your copy
  • Plan for white space
  • Use a simple, uncluttered template

A well-structured landing page makes it easier for search engines to understand the content and thus index it properly. This helps ensure that your landing page shows up for relevant search queries. It also improves your conversion rate.

5. Optimize Your URLs

URLs play a crucial role in optimizing pages for visibility on search engines. That’s because a landing page URL helps communicate information about the content and purpose of your page to search engines. They also let users know that clicking on the link will take them to the answer they’re looking for.

Another important reason for optimizing your URLs is that they help search engines understand your site structure. This helps them crawl and index the page. A few ways you can optimize your URLs include:

  • Keep them short
  • Include your focus keyword (frontloaded)
  • Be descriptive

Customizing your URLs may look simple, but its impact on your landing page SEO is quite significant.  

6. Watch Your Page Load Speed

Another factor that plays a big role in landing page SEO is page speed. Especially with Google announcing that page experience is one of the major factors they use to rank websites, speed has become a priority for SEO. You can check how fast your landing page loads using tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom, etc.

Use a tool like GTMetrix to test your landing pages loading speed.

Thankfully, this is one element SeedProd does exceptionally well. With SeedProd, you can be assured that your landing pages will be lightweight and super fast.

Besides using an optimized landing page builder like SeedProd, other ways you can ensure your landing pages load fast include:

  • Compress your images or other media files
  • Minimize HTTP requests by keeping your landing page simple
  • Use a content delivery network (CDN)

Slow loading speeds are detrimental to your SEO because it drastically increases your bounce rates. FYI, high bounce rates signal to search engines that users find a page irrelevant to the search term that brought them there. As a result, it’s demoted in rankings.   

Fast pages, on the other hand, provide users with a positive experience, resulting in better rankings.

7. Optimize Your Metadata

Before publishing your landing page, make sure you’ve optimized your metadata. This may not impact your rankings, but it helps convince users to click on your link in search results. 

The two main types of metadata you should pay close attention to are the page title and meta description. To ensure yours are optimized, you must include your keyword close to the beginning of your keyword. Also, make sure they’re short, concise, and descriptive. 

You can easily optimize your landing page metadata using AIOSEO by heading to your Page Settings in SeedProd and clicking the SEO option. 

Optimizing your metada in SeedProd is easy with AIOSEO built in.

You can then edit your metadata under the General tab. 

8. Optimize for Social Sharing

While search engines like Google say social engagement doesn’t directly impact rankings, you should still make your landing pages easy to share. One reason is that social media will help you drive traffic to your pages. The more people visit your pages, the more valuable search engines deem your pages to be. 

Sure, social engagement is not a direct ranking factor, but indirectly it helps boost your SEO.

You must optimize the way your posts will look when users share your landing pages. Again, this is super easy to do with AIOSEO, especially when it’s nestled right within SeedProd. To optimize how your content will be represented when shared on social, go to your SeedProd settings and click on SEO. Then, in the General Settings section, click on Social. Doing so will open up a window where you can fill in all the necessary info to optimize for Facebook and Twitter.

Optimize your landing page for social sharing using AIOSEO's social media markup.

You’ll also be given the option to choose where the image to be displayed should be pulled from.

Like all other pages on your website, building backlinks to your landing page is a critical component of SEO. This is because backlinks are a vote of confidence that your page is relevant to search queries and offers valuable information. As a result, they are among the most significant ranking factors search engines use to determine how to rank pages.

A few tips for building backlinks to your landing page include:

  • Check the sites linking to your competitors and ask them to link to yours. You can use tools like Semrush and Ahrefs for this.
  • Encourage reviewers and those who write testimonials to link to your landing page.
  • Use brand mention tools to monitor unlinked mentions of your brand and ask the publisher to link to your landing page.

The more high-quality backlinks you build to your landing page, the higher it will rank. Therefore, you must carefully design and execute a link building campaign for each landing page you create.

Optimize Your SeedProd Landing Pages and Grow Your Business

Landing pages are a crucial element of any digital marketing and SEO strategy. Therefore, they must be treated with the utmost importance and be optimized for visibility and conversions.

If you’re an AIOSEO user, you can do both within your SeedProd landing page builder. So, go ahead and download AIOSEO now.

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