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How a Home Appliance Retailer Grew Traffic by 662% in 6 Months
SEO case study of the Range Hood Store.


12K to 91.7K Monthly Visits



Reporting Date

February 2024

The Range Hood Store is an online retailer in the kitchen and bath appliance industry. They sell premium kitchen appliances like ranges, cooktops, plumbing fixtures, and more.

The company was founded in 2005 and has grown to reach 91.7K organic visits in February 2024.

Organic traffic for the Range Hood Store.

In this eCommerce SEO case study, we’ll explore the strategies that contributed to their recent success.

Plus, you’ll get tips and tools for implementing these winning tactics on your website.

The Catalyst: How The Range Hood Store Reached 91.7K Monthly Visits

1. Image SEO for Eye-Catching Rich Results

The Range Hood Store more than doubled its image rich results from August 2023 to February 2024.

Rich results with images for the Range Hood Store.

Image rich results are search listings that feature an image on the search engine results page (SERP).

Here’s what one looks like in search results:

Google search result for the query sink dishwasher shows an image of the product.

Images are a great way to grab users’ attention and encourage clicks.

But how did The Range Hood Store get images to appear for their search listings?

While nothing is guaranteed in the world of organic search, there are best practices for getting the results you want.

Image SEO is the practice of optimizing images to rank in search results. It uses various tactics to help search engines understand images, boosting the chances of ranking.

The Range Hood Store uses a few image SEO best practices, including:

  • Implementing ImageObject schema markup on product pages.
  • Using their focus keyword in the image file name.
  • Writing descriptive captions to aid search engines and users.
  • Setting SEO-friendly alt text (although they could be more consistent with it).

Why this matters:

According to SEO statistics, rich results get 58% of all clicks. That’s significantly higher than non-rich results, which have a clickthrough rate (CTR) of 41%.

Images can also help you rank in Google Images search, where there are over 1 billion searches every day.

Whether it’s traditional search or Google Images, images are a powerful way to grow your online visibility and boost brand awareness.

How to do image SEO:

In addition to the steps we mentioned earlier, here are other ways you can master image SEO:

  • Use your keyword in the image title tag.
  • Compress images to reduce their file size.
  • Create an image sitemap.

For even more tips, visit this WordPress guide on optimizing images.

Tools for image SEO:

Image SEO can be time-consuming when you don’t have the right tools.

At All in One SEO (AIOSEO), you can minimize the manual work and maximize the efficacy of your image optimizations with our Image SEO tool.

It comes with smart tags, which you can use to customize and automate image attributes, like titles, alt tags, and captions.

Automate image titles with smart tags in the image SEO tool.

You can also add images to your schema markup, which we’ll discuss next.

2. Product Schema Unlocks Review Snippets

Schema markup is specialized code within the backend of a web page. It communicates important details about your page to search engines, making it easy for them to understand your content.

There are several types, each with its set of unique traits.

For The Range Hood Store, one schema markup stands out among the rest: product schema.

Product schema allows you to share product details like:

  • Price
  • Stock availability
  • Shipping and return information

You can also add elements like customer ratings and reviews, which is exactly what The Range Hood Store did.

Search engines can then use this information to generate a rich snippet on the SERP.

Let’s look at an example.

If we take our earlier screenshot and focus on the last line of text, we’ll notice key product details about this 2-in-1 in-sink dishwasher. We also see a 4.7-star rating, making this a review snippet.

Google review snippet of the query sink dishwasher shows 4.7 star rating and 3 reviews.

Review snippets can be generated using product schema markup with aggregate ratings.

We did some digging in the Wayback Machine, a tool that lets you see how a website looked in the past, and it appears that The Range Hood Store didn’t start using AggregateRating schema until mid-2023.

Its recent implementation has been pivotal in The Range Hood Store’s acquisition of review snippets. As shown below, rankings increased by 274% from August 2023 to February 2024.

Review snippets growth for Range Hood Store.

Why this matters:

Review snippets help you stand out in competitive niches. They allow you to showcase your products’ value right on the SERP versus competitors lacking schema markup.

Earning these review snippets also builds additional trust and social proof for your brand. Displaying a high rating in the search results gives potential customers confidence in your product, enticing them to visit your website.

How to get review snippets:

This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to add schema markup without a plugin. It uses JSON-LD and requires basic coding knowledge.

As for getting the code, you can use either of these tools:

You’ll need to select Product for each tool to generate the appropriate schema markup.

Tools for product review snippets:

Prefer to streamline the process and avoid delving into code for review snippets?

A product reviews plugin handles the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on your core strengths: managing your business and making great content.

With the AIOSEO Schema Generator, implementing product schema becomes a breeze. Simply access the Schema Generator within the WordPress editor and opt for the Product category.

Product schema in the AIOSEO Schema Generator.

From there, you’ll input your product details and incorporate reviews as needed.

Schema catalog has boxes to fill in reviews and ratings.

AIOSEO will format and apply the structured data seamlessly onto your website.

Now, let’s see how backlinks have played a role in The Range Hood Store’s visibility.

Backlinks also experienced significant growth over the last 6 months, rising from 6.9K to 33.2K.

Backlinks growth for the Range Hood Store.

Backlinks are links from external websites to yours. They play a crucial role in SEO by indicating a web page’s popularity, credibility, and relevance.

Essentially, they act as “votes” from other sites, contributing to a page’s authority and ranking in search engine results.

Now, not all backlinks are created equal—quality matters.

In the case of The Range Hood Store, they have several follow links (tells search engines to follow the link and pass SEO equity), links from relevant websites (from the websites of brands they sell), and backlinks from other search engines, like Bing.

Overall, they have a decent backlink profile.

It’s worth mentioning that their follow share is high (93%), which could potentially be a red flag for search engines.

Why this matters:

Building high-quality backlinks remains one of the most important ranking factors for SEO.

Nevertheless, it’s vital to maintain a natural and earned backlink profile.

Avoiding excessively high follow rates or an overwhelming number of links from a single domain is essential.

A well-rounded link-building strategy can help you achieve this.

Backlinks are just one component of an effective linking strategy. This article shows you how to get backlinks, but you’ll also want to optimize for the following:

  • Internal links (from one page on your site to another page on your site)
  • Outbound links (from your site to another external site)

This link-building guide has the steps you need to optimize for each.

Link building can be laborious and require significant time.

But with Link Assistant, it’s fast and easy.

Link Assistant powers your internal linking strategy with linking suggestions that populate in the WordPress editor. All you have to do is click Add Link.

Link Assistant gives link suggestions in WordPress.

Standout SEO Wins

Before we wrap up, there’s an additional technique we’d like to highlight from The Range Hood Store.

1. They leverage social media platforms to create a robust online presence.

The Range Hood Store understands the importance of social media in standing out online. They use various social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

However, they don’t limit themselves to posting their own content. In fact, more often than not, they use posts from their followers.

The Range Hood Store encourages customers to use their hashtag, #myTRHShome, to share their photos and product experiences online. Then, they feature these photos on their own social media profiles.

The Range Hood Store Instagram account shows a tag to be featured.

This user-generated content strategy enhances engagement, builds trust, and increases brand awareness.

Additionally, The Range Hood Store reposts tagged posts across their other channels to reach a wider audience, showcasing authentic customer testimonials.

Tool: AIOSEO can help you optimize and share your content across all your favorite social media platforms. With Social Media Integration, you can connect your WordPress site to 11 social networks.

Social networks in AIOSEO.


In our analysis of, we’ve identified the strategies that triggered its organic success.

Now, let’s recap which strategies you can use to grow your eCommerce and which ones to reconsider.

Top 3 Strategies to Emulate

  1. Harness image SEO to stand out in search results. By optimizing images on your website with relevant keywords, you make it easier for search engines to understand and rank your images. Images can appear in traditional search results and Google Images, which increases your visibility while driving traffic to your site.
  2. Implement product and aggregate rating schema to win review snippets. Schema markup is one of the best ways to generate rich snippets on the SERP. Ratings and reviews are particularly powerful for eCommerce, as they showcase your product’s value to potential customers. Star ratings are also eye-catching, which can increase your CTR.
  3. Focus on building a high-quality, natural backlink profile. Aim for backlinks from reputable websites within your industry. Relevant backlinks from credible sources can help you build niche authority and grow traffic. You can achieve a natural backlink profile through content creation, engagement, and networking.

Bottom 3 Strategies to Reconsider

  1. Making your content difficult to read. Some pages are being flagged for their content readability, which measures how easily users can read and understand your content. Content readability plays an important role in user engagement. Users will leave if it’s too difficult to read, increasing your bounce rate. AIOSEO can help you improve your content readability with the TruSEO tool. TruSEO analyzes your content readability and gives you actionable tips to strengthen it.
  2. Using your brand name as blog mega titles. We noticed that several of The Range Hood Store’s blogs use their company name as the meta title. Meta titles are one of the most important elements to optimize for in SEO, making this a serious oversight. Meta titles should be unique and compelling, considering how they appear on the SERP and entice users to click. If you have a lot of blogs or want to streamline the process, you can use an AI-powered meta title generator.
  3. Missing meta descriptions. Like meta titles, optimized meta descriptions are essential for getting more traffic to your site. Every indexable page should have a unique and relevant meta description that gives a preview of your content. Meta descriptions act like teasers, encouraging users to click on your search results. The tool previously mentioned can also craft meta descriptions, making optimizations a breeze.

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Supercharge Your eCommerce Success With AIOSEO

Are you ready to take your eCommerce business to the next level? The Range Hood Store’s success is no secret—it comes down to implementing winning SEO strategies.

But what if you could replicate their success without putting in the extra hours?

That’s where AIOSEO comes in.

All in One SEO homepage, the best WordPress SEO plugin.

AIOSEO is your all-in-one solution to effective SEO, giving you the tools you need to achieve results like The Range Hood Store. With AIOSEO, harnessing image SEO, implementing product schema, and building a strong linking strategy is easier than ever.

Here are some of the key features discussed in this SEO case study:

  • Image SEO: Turn on automatic image alt text and title attributes with a single click. You’ll save time from manual entries while helping users and search engines understand your images.
  • Rich Snippets Schema: AIOSEO offers various schema markup options to help you claim more rich results on the SERP. It’s as simple as choosing the schema you want; then, we’ll format the structured data for Google.
  • Link Assistant: Get link suggestions, edit anchor text, and add internal links to your content in just 1 click. Link Assistant helps you effortlessly build a better linking strategy.
  • Social Media Integration: Connect your favorite social media platforms to your site and share content with your audience. Available integrations include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and more.
  • TruSEO Score: Get a snapshot view, or go into detail, of your content’s on-page SEO with this innovative tool. TruSEO analyzes your content optimizations and gives you actionable tips to maximize its reach.
  • AI Title & Description Generator: This time-saving tool creates compelling metadata for any page on your site. With the click of a button, you’ll harness the power of AI and get options for unique meta titles and descriptions.
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