Bing Webmaster Tools is a free platform provided by Microsoft that features tools to help webmasters monitor, maintain, and optimize the Bing visibility and performance of their websites.

Some key functions and features include:

  • Website Indexation – View how many of your website pages are indexed or excluded by BingBot crawler. Identify issues preventing pages from being indexed.
  • Performance – Analyze website crawl rate, page load speeds, broken links, and other technical health metrics. Receive tips for improving website performance in Bing search results.
  • Search Queries – See top search queries driving traffic to your site from Bing and discover optimization opportunities.
  • HTML Improvements – Identifies areas for enhancing on-page SEO including meta descriptions, images, and titles.
  • Backlinks – Displays number of referring domains linking back to your URLs to assess site authority.

In summary, Bing Webmaster Tools provides actionable insights to monitor and enhance a website’s presence in Bing search along with tools to improve site health and performance.