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How a Cloud Communication Platform Grew Traffic by 1,969% YoY
SEO case study of's organic growth.


27.5K to 569.2K Monthly Visits




Cloud Phone System

Reporting Date

August 2023

The Cloud Communication Platform market is on the rise.

With a projected market size growth from USD 14.54 billion in 2023 to USD 33.88 billion by 2028, it’s no surprise that competition is fierce in this explosive industry.

But how exactly are you supposed to carve out a name for your business when everybody wants in?

In this SEO case study, we’ll share how one unified communication as a service (UCaaS) company achieved astonishing growth of 1,969% more traffic in just 1 year.

We’re revealing their secrets so you can take notes from their growth playbook and apply them to your site.

Let’s get started.

About KrispCall

KrispCall is a virtual cloud phone system that was founded in 2020. It’s headquartered in Singapore, with an office in Australia and a global customer base.

It offers a range of cloud-based communication products, from a cloud telephony system to virtual phone numbers and call center software.

KrispCall homepage, a virtual cloud phone system.

KrispCall also helps customers manage all communications from a single app. Its products work with the Web, Android, and iOS.

Overall, KrispCall is an affordable cloud-based phone solution that helps businesses streamline communication.

Historical Performance

KrispCall’s website first appeared online in April 2021.

Its first year generated only 154 visits. This grew to 185K for the following year, 2022.

Now, as we analyze this website in August 2023, KrispCall has skyrocketed its traffic to 2 million.

And that’s only 8 months into the year.

Organic traffic growth at

So, what makes 2023 so much better than the past? And how exactly did this UCaaS company orchestrate such a dramatic growth?

We’ll look into that next.

The Catalyst: How KrispCall Achieved 1,969% Traffic Growth YoY grew organic traffic by performing the following:

  1. Adding area code landing pages
  2. Leveraging programmatic SEO
  3. Implementing schema markup
  4. Acquiring more backlinks

Let’s examine each item to understand its significance and how it catapulted KrispCall’s success.

1. Adding Area Code Landing Pages

In the first 8 months of 2023, KrispCall added 535 new pages to its website.

80% of these pages were for a new category: local phone numbers.

Within this new category, there are 426 area code pages.

To put that number into perspective, there are 335 U.S. area codes. This means KrispCall captures every single area code of their top traffic-driving country, the United States.

It’s also capturing additional countries’ area codes, like Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. These are KrispCall’s next highest traffic-driving countries, respectively.

Here is a screenshot of one of these landing pages:

KrispCall landing page for the 360 area code in Washington.

What’s remarkable about these pages is they make up 82% of the total August U.S. traffic.

Of the 421K August U.S. traffic, 346K came from this new category alone.

Even more interesting is that none of these pages wildly outperform the others, as demonstrated below.

List of URLs of KrispCall's local phone number pages, their traffic volumes, and traffic share percentages.

Besides a handful of top performers, the vast majority are under 1% of the traffic share.

Why this matters:

While a traffic percentage share of under 1% might seem insignificant, the traffic speaks for itself.

There is a demand for these specific area codes, and the multi-thousand traffic it brings each month proves it.

List of URLs at KrispCall with traffic volumes outlined.

KrispCall is answering the demand by showcasing landing pages with hyper-focused search intent.

How to identify a new category for your site:

Identifying a new category for your website starts with keyword research.

This process will help you curate a list of relevant keywords within your niche. These keywords resonate with your target audience and help drive quality traffic to your site.

This tutorial shows you how to do keyword research using popular SEO tools.

From there, topic clusters can help you organize the keywords to identify new category pages.

Topic clusters aim to identify a pillar page (your main category) and subtopic pages (branches of content).

For example, KrispCall’s pillar is the local phone number page. Its subtopics are the individual area code pages.

Tools for keyword research:

Did you know you can do keyword research directly in WordPress?

All in One SEO (AIOSEO) makes this possible by connecting to your Semrush account.

Our Keyphrase Suggestions tool uses your focus keyphrase to fetch relevant keywords from Semrush.

When you’re in the WordPress editor, click Get Additional Keyphrases.

AIOSEO helps with keyword research directly in WordPress.

AIOSEO will then present new terms for your post or page.

Here’s an example:

Keyword suggestions from Semrush for a WordPress page.

TruSEO, our on-page analysis tool, will then check your optimizations for the new keyword. It’s easy to use and makes keyword optimizations faster than ever.

Next, let’s look at how KrispCall leveraged programmatic SEO to create this new category.

2. Leveraging Programmatic SEO

Making that many pages in a short amount of time is no easy feat.

So, how did KrispCall produce over 500 pages in just a few months?

The answer lies in programmatic SEO. This strategy leverages data-driven automation to create and publish large amounts of content. And it does it fast.

Essentially, you create a template and provide data that software uses to generate unique content.

It’s only as good as the information you provide, so it’s more complex than a quick and easy win.

KrispCall created a phenomenal template and provided their target keywords to make the most out of programmatic SEO.

Each page produces a rich user experience, answering everything related to that area code.

And, in terms of design, it’s modern and clean. It’s a pleasure to navigate the page.

KrispCall landing page example of an area code with images of a cell phone call and chat.

Why this matters:

By creating a comprehensive template, KrispCall harnessed the full potential of programmatic SEO. The pages fulfill search intent and provide an informationally-rich user experience.

Ultimately, this serves as a lesson for those willing to do the groundwork.

If you can dedicate the time necessary to create a robust template, programmatic SEO can be a powerful way of amping your content production.

How to do programmatic SEO on your site:

This Zapier article demonstrates how to do programmatic SEO on your website.

It’s also important to note that programmatic SEO isn’t limited to content creation.

You can automate SEO processes without having to forego hand-written content altogether.

Some good ways of doing this are:

Tools for programmatic SEO:

All in One SEO can help you automate SEO processes to make your optimizations more efficient.

Regarding the above bullet point list, AIOSEO has a tool for each task:

  • For writing metadata: AI Title/Description Generator crafts unique and compelling meta titles and descriptions in just 1 click.
  • For image SEO: Turn on Image SEO to add variables and customize image attributes automatically.
  • For 404 redirects: Redirection Manager makes it easy to help users and search engines navigate your site and avoid dead ends. You can also redirect your entire site to a new domain in just a few clicks.
  • For linking: Link Assistant generates internal linking suggesting directly in the WordPress editor. Find linking opportunities without scouring your site and add them easily to your content.

Next, we’ll explore factors outside of content contributing to KrispCall’s traffic growth.

3. Implementing Schema Markup

KrispCall implements schema markup on its web pages.

Schema markup, or structured data, is code that helps search engines understand your page. It comes in a variety of types, including:

  • Article
  • FAQs
  • How-To
  • Review
  • And more

Ultimately, Google uses structured data to show rich snippets on the search engine results page (SERP).

Rich snippets, or rich results, are search results that show extra information about your page. They could be reviews, prices, images, etc.

Here’s an example of FAQ schema markup in action:

FAQ rich result on More to ask section of the SERP.

Look at all that real estate on the SERP!

It’s eye-catching for a user and answers the query for “312 area code.”

KrispCall uses FAQ schema markup on many landing pages and blogs. This explains why it’s experiencing a steady growth in SERP features over the last 6 months (with a very minor dip in August).

Bar chart demonstrating growth in SERP features over the past 6 months at

It also makes sense that they’re showing for almost exclusively People Also Ask (PAA) results.

Why this matters:

Ultimately, rich results aim to take up more space on the SERP to get more attention and clicks.

KrispCall effectively claims more real estate on the SERP by implementing structured data on its site. This allows them to boost visibility and become a competing player in the digital landscape of the UCaaS market.

How to implement schema markup on your site:

There are several ways to enter structured data on your site manually.

This article shows three methods for adding schema markup to WordPress without a plugin.

Each method involves a few steps and requires you to obtain and copy code snippets into the appropriate fields.

Tools for implementing schema markup:

A WordPress SEO plugin can implement structured data for you. With AIOSEO’s Schema Generator, it’s as simple as choosing the schema type you want, and then we’ll format it for search engines.

Here are the schema types available in AIOSEO:

The Schema Generator in AIOSEO has a catalog of schema types for your website.

Next, we’ll look at the final contributing factor for KrispCall’s growth: backlinks.

In the previous year, KrispCall stayed in the 2-4K range for backlinks.

Then, in May of 2023, we saw the start of an incline.

Growth chart of KrispCall's backlinks over the past year.

As of August 2023, KrispCall has 19,698 backlinks.

Why this matters:

Backlinks are an important part of a robust SEO strategy, and it’s clear that KrispCall has embraced a method of getting more in 2023.

They act like votes of confidence for your site, communicating to search engines that your content is credible. They’re also among the top two Google ranking factors.

This backlinking guide explains how to identify good backlinks and acquire them. It uses a quality-over-quantity approach and emphasizes the importance of relevancy.

It’s also important to note that an effective linking strategy doesn’t end at backlinks.

You should also optimize for the following links:

  • Internal links (from one page on your site to another page on your site)
  • Outbound links (from your site to another external site)

This link-building guide has everything you need to know to optimize for each.

Link Assistant can help you find internal linking opportunities in no time. With linking suggestions that populate directly in the WordPress editor, it’s as simple as clicking Add Link.

Internal linking suggestions from Link Assistant in AIOSEO.

Standout SEO Wins

Before we wrap up, there are two SEO techniques we would like to highlight at

1. They optimize images for search engines.

Since search engines can’t “see” images, certain elements help them understand the content of an image. Optimizing these elements and the files themselves is image SEO.

Here are a few ways KrispCall uses image SEO:

  • Images have alt text. KrispCall uses alt text to describe the image and help search engines understand it.
  • Image file names are optimized. They also optimize the image’s file name to include their target keyword.
  • They’re using image title attributes. Image title attributes are often overlooked, but they’re good to include. They’re the box of text you see when placing your cursor over an image.

KrispCall doesn’t shy away from using multimedia on its site. Part of what enriches the user experience is the presence of images, banners, and videos.

Here’s an example of how they’re applying image SEO best practices to this blog’s image:

Screenshot of a KrispCall virtual phone number landing page and image.

Alt Text: Krispcall virtual phone number

File Name: krispcall-virtual-phone-number.jpg

Title Attribute: How to Get a Virtual Number for Telegram in 2023? – KrispCall

Tool: For WordPress users, the AIOSEO plugin makes it easy to optimize images. Our Image SEO module can save you time from manually creating optimizations, like alt text and title attributes. Choose your smart tags, and we’ll automate the optimizations for you.

Smart tag settings in AIOSEO can help you automate the image title creation process.

2. They use canonical tags.

Canonical tags tell search engines which URL to serve when you have similar content or multiple versions of the same page.

Here is how KrispCall uses them:

  • They’re using self-referential canonical tags. John Mueller from Google recommends using a self-referential canonical, even when you have only 1 page. KrispCall is doing this with the appropriate pages.
  • They’re avoiding duplicate content by using canonical tags. KrispCall uses canonical tags when they have similar content. This practice avoids sending mixed signals to Google about which page to index and rank.

Tool: AIOSEO helps you create and manage canonical URLs for any WordPress page. They’re quick to implement and make indexing the preferred page easier for search engines.

You can customize canonical URLs for every page or leave them as self-referencing, which is their default setting.

Customize canonical URLs with AIOSEO advanced settings.


In our analysis of, we’ve uncovered the strategies that led to their recent organic success.

Now, let’s review which ones you can apply to your website and strategies that may benefit from reevaluation.

Top 3 Strategies to Emulate

  1. Address audience needs and fulfill search intent. KrispCall identified an informational gap on its website regarding local phone numbers. They crafted dedicated landing pages for every U.S. area code query to address this need. Each of these 400+ pages target a specific query and aligns the content and keywords accordingly.
  2. Optimize page templates for programmatic SEO. KrispCall thoughtfully designed its page templates for programmatic SEO. They’re visually appealing and structured to maximize online visibility. By using SEO-friendly templates, you can promote a rich user experience and leverage programmatic SEO.
  3. Implement schema markup to win rich results on the SERP. KrispCall harnessed the power of schema markup to take up more space on the SERP. By using schema markup, you increase the likelihood of getting rich results. These enhanced search results increase CTRs and boost traffic.

Bottom 3 Strategies to Reconsider

  1. Missing easy metadata wins. KrispCall could tighten its optimization of meta titles and meta descriptions. Some results are getting truncated on the SERP. A snippet preview tool can show you what your search result looks like before going live.
  2. Overlooking a backlink audit. Given the influx of backlinks in 2023, an audit could reveal any harmful links. Google is pretty good at disregarding unnatural or spammy links, but it’s smart to use a tool like Semrush to keep an eye on your backlink profile. Link Assistant reports can also help provide insights into your internal linking profile.
  3. Relying on a single source of traffic. While the new landing pages have delivered remarkable results, KrispCall should be cautious about becoming overly reliant on this one category. Page performance can fluctuate over time.

To safeguard against potential sitewide traffic drops, KrispCall should diversify its content portfolio. This strategy helps you cater to new traffic sources, add value to your site, and establish authority in your domain.

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